Into the Fire…

Good Morning Friends, Colleagues, Associates, Family, and Whoever Else,

Today begins my first venture into the blogging world. Of the many things I have learned in my Social Media Class this semester, the key would definitely be that “content is king” in the online world. In pursuing how to create a blog with remarkable content, I stumbled upon this article shared by my classmates discussing the goals of sharing good content. So here goes…

I found my initial inspiration for this first blog in the most unlikely of places. As many of you know, I am a committed triathlete, and in the initial pages of one of many training books I have was a discussion on the attributes of a successful multi-sport athlete. What struck me was that all of the attributes apply to the business world! Ironically, I am also beginning the job search for a student employee, so today’s topic strikes close to home. Today’s post will be on three indispensable characteristics of a high quality employee.

First, is confidence. Many would argue that there is a very fine line between being confident and being cocky but wouldn’t you rather have an employee who can confidently say that “yes, that is how that would be done” or “I’m not sure, let me get back to you” than having them pompously boast that of course they know how to do a particular project. I would much rather ask a coworker for an opinion if I knew that they would be honest with me instead of kissing up to me because they weren’t confident enough to tell me I was wrong.

The second characteristic would be adaptability. The workplace is full of unexpected obstacles, unplanned delays, and often stressful and busy times. An employee who can adapt to the environment and remain flexible is far more valuable than a brilliant employee who is set in their ways. Working in higher education, I operate in a very dynamic and changing environment. The joy I get out of my work is that my schedule changes regularly, each day brings new challenges to me, and at the end of the day I can feel good because I jumped in with both feet to the day’s projects.

The third characteristic that is valuable is the removal of the word “can’t” from your vocabulary. One employee who is able to say “I’m not sure but let me look into it” is far more valuable than five employees who say it “can’t be done.” This of course doesn’t mean that you won’t need help from other colleagues or spend time researching, but by showing that you are invested in tackling the challenge, you prove that you are able to adapt to challenges provide quality service.

What are your thoughts? Which characteristics would you prefer to see in an employee?



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