The Coolest Piece of Software You Aren’t Using

Good Morning Everyone,

Today is a double blog post day so you’re in for a treat…haha!

My first post will be on one of the most useful pieces of software that I have ever used. I was first introduced to Tech Smight’s Snagit several years ago by my father, and since then we regularly compete to “discover” the most useful computer utilities. It is by the far the most efficient way to capture your desktop’s screen for use in creating training documentation, manuals, or just simple step by step instructions for users. As an IT Coordinator, I understand that all users may not posses the same level of technical expertise, and using Snagit allows me to reach all of my users equally through instructions and helpful procedures.

Snagit is also incredibly easy to use! You simply click the capture button and select the area of the screen that you want to “snag.” You can then spice up your screens with arrows, highlights, text, graphics, and many other things to highlight areas of interest to your users. Some other awesome features include video capture, posting your captures to automatically, and powerful image manipulation tools to edit your photos right in Snagit without having to import them into another graphics program. Here are some samples of graphics I have created with Snagit:

  • Highlight or emphasize text

  • Draw attention to certain areas of the screen

At $50 a pop, Snagit is a very wise and powerful investment, and my users have thanked me many times over for providing clear, concise instructions to them.

Here’s a link to a video overview of one of Snagit’s most powerful features.

What other computer utilities do you like to use?


  1. I love snagit – it deserves more credit. I’m completely lost when I use a computer that doesn’t have snagit.

    Great post!


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