Technology to Trash Right Now!

Hello from another beautiful day in Reno!

When it comes to technology, creative destruction continues to drive the economy better than an 18 wheeler tearing through Emigrant Gap. The problem with having so many new gadgets so often is that we have to get rid of our old gadgets, which is easier said than done. I have a wonderful, ever growing pile of technology that I haven’t taken the time to deal with but have not yet gotten rid of either. Apple is a perfect example of creative destruction with a new iPod, MacBook, or iPad every calendar year.

In this article from the New York Times by Sam Grobart, 10 different technology items are listed and the author discusses reasons to trash the tech, or reasons to keep it. I found it very interesting (being a tech guy) that I actually disagreed on a few of the items, although I think the author addressed the majority audience perfectly. Without further ado, the ten gadgets you may or may not want to keep around this spring.

  1. Desktop computer – I definitely concur with the article on this one. Unless you game a lot (which I do) there is absolutely no reason to buy a new desktop computer. Laptops and our powerful smart phones  provide 99.9% of the functionality needed, with the exception being digital media creation and editing, and hardcore gaming.
  2. High speed internet – Again, definitely agree that everyone should keep theirs. Although 3G devices provide some nice freedom from a regular Internet Service Provider (ISP), services like Xbox Live, Netflix, and Hulu will require a great deal of bandwidth which your 3G device will not provide currently.
  3. Cable TV – LOSE IT! I absolutely loathe cable television, and certainly don’t have time to surf 9472 channels of garbage. Netflix keeps me perfectly satisfied (especially with a plethora of TV shows available), and I don’t feel that I’m missing out on the latest Britney Spears or Bieber drama…
  4. Point and shoot camera – Definitely worth getting rid of! My DroidX takes pictures that are far superior to my point and shoot, and it is SO much more convenient to upload directly to Facebook or to text off to my friends. Hardcore photographers who insist on a “real camera” will likely own an SLR or DSLR anyway.
  5. Camcorder – Although this technology was prominent in the 90’s, it’s safe to say this is going the way of the buffalo. If your smartphone doesn’t do video (DroidX does HD), then a quality camera is bound to record video that is on par or superior to what you would get with a camcorder.
  6. USB thumb drive – Even though I keep mine for convenience, cloud storage is drastically changing the way we move files. Now, I only sync my Dropbox account between my devices (desktop, laptop, smart phone) and hardly ever use my thumb drive. I do, however, like possessing the physical device that contains my information.
  7. Digital music player – This is the item that I disagree on. I absolutely hate using my Droid to play music and would much rather haul my iPod around. An overwhelming majority of the time, I only listen to music when exercising, so my iPod shuffle is my primary music player. The other situation would be playing music through my stereo, which I hook my iPod up to. I am not going to leave my phone connected to my stereo and sacrifice my texting, checking email, or other phone only functions.
  8. Alarm clock – Absolutely HAVE to keep it. Although I rely on my phone to wake me up, I always use my alarm clock as a backup. I don’t trust my phone enough to risk being late to work because I was too lazy to set my alarm. I found the user feedback amusing in daylight savings time glitch. Seriously, who blames their phone for being late to work!?
  9. GPS Unit – Definitely one for the “sell” pile. If your phone won’t get you there, learn to read a map!!
  10. Books – I am a strong believer in reading from physical pages, although the author made a very interesting point where digital cookbooks will blow paper books out of the water. Since a picture can be easily incorporated into digital books, each recipe will have a photo attached (which is unheard of in the cookbook world).

So there are my thoughts on the tech items that can be trashed and the ones worth keeping around. What technology do you plan to get rid of this spring?

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  1. Not having techno-savvy, I’m having trouble comprehending that my laptop can seamlessly replace my desktop computer – except for gaming as you stated. I’m glad you’re near by for consultation! Very informative article Russell.

  2. Haha thanks for the comments, Shelly! It definitely takes some adjusting with all of the changes in technology, especially because it happens so rapidly. Always here for tech advice :-)

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