What Pandas and Antivirus Protection Have in Common

Spring may finally be here (although I wouldn’t be surprised to see snow next week)… hello again from Reno!

Following up to my previous article on cloud computing, I thought this would be a great post to recommend cloud based antivirus software. I have had several friends ask me what to do since they don’t want to pay for Norton or McAfee, and I have found a product that is free, easy to use, and does the job quickly and correctly.

I have been using Panda Cloud Antivirus for over two years and have been thrilled with the results. Since the antivirus scanner runs off of the cloud (meaning it is hosted on a server and connects to your computer via the internet), there is very little maintenance required on the end user’s part. After downloading a small, front-end client, the software will sync to the antivirus server to automatically update your virus definitions. This also means that you aren’t responsible for updating the definitions on your own! It is all handled automatically. The software also detects and blocks malicious activity without user intervention. At any time, you can run a manual full or quick scan, I prefer running a quick scan which only takes about 8 minutes, but the software continues to operate in real time.

For a more detailed review, check out the CNET staff”s review from October 2010 here. I have not run full benchmark tests on this software but have found that it catches a large majority of malicious software. I do consider myself a smart and safe web user. Don’t do anything stupid, and this program will keep you and your computer safe.

This guy is looking out for your best interests.

What other free cloud-based tools do you like to use?

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  1. I use Avast, also a cloud-bsed product. Use on 4 PCs at home. Get several updates daily.

    No problems to date (1-1/2 years running) and it has flagged and locked several bad files.

    And it’s still free.

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