5 Telltale Signs That You’re Stressed

If similar symptoms occur, please consult a doctor immediately.

Good morning from Reno! It looks like we’re still maintaining our lovely spring weather, although allergies are abounding.

As the grind of the semester begins to take its toll on students, many signs of stress begin to manifest themselves in the most unpleasant ways possible. Here’s five signs that it’s time to take a break and re-evaluate your schedule.

  1. Your sleep pattern is off – although many Americans don’t get enough sleep as is, when the chaos of final projects and papers set in, often times sleep is the first thing to go. Sleep is the body’s chance to recover from the brutality of the day and your subconscious’ chance to dwell on your thoughts and feelings of the day. Without proper sleep, you’re guaranteed to crash sooner than later.
  2. Mood swings – after sleep, your mood is the second thing to go when under pressure. If you are normally an upbeat and positive person but find yourself grumpy and cranky all of the time, it may be time for a vacation.
  3. Lack of enthusiasm – activities that normally make you happy have suddenly become dis interesting. Perhaps you don’t want to train for Sunday’s race, you find hanging out with your friends to be a burden, or you look for other reasons to be discontent.
  4. You can’t focus – in the age of insane multitasking, it is easy to lose focus of what you are working on in ether your personal or professional life. If you find your mind wandering constantly and can’t seem to get anything done, consider taking a break! If 10 minutes outside helps you be productive for 2 hours then do it!
  5. You sweat the little stuff – I am always one to need to be in control, but when I start panicking about every little thing, I know that I’m heading into the overstressed zone.  If you feel like your life is spiraling out of control (even though it realistically isn’t) it may be time for a change. Put in for a personal day and do something RELAXING!

The month of March had been particularly stressful and I was certainly “burning the candle at both ends,” but this past weekend I was able to successfully relax on both Friday and Saturday! I know that spending time with friends and watching movies are some of my favorite activities, so I did both and it was definitely worth it. Now, I just need to finish that darn term paper…

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  1. Good post, I know as well as you do what it does to productivity when high levels of stress are introduced into a work situation. Do you feel like a brief respite from the situation is enough to uncompress, or do you need more time to destress?

  2. Hey Kenneth, I often find that a brief break during the day will me at least survive until dinner. However, if there are multiple days in a row where I feel stressed, or even multiple weeks, then it is time for a larger adjustment. I have found that 3 day weekends work wonders since they are like mini vacations!

  3. Haha, I like the picture you put, Russell. Except those signs you came up with, my digestion system changes pattern when I’m stressed; headache sometimes. If your body can tell you you’re stressed, it’s good; however, if your body cannot tell you that you’re stressed, that might be a bigger problem in the future.

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