1,009,614 Reasons You Should Never Have “Blogger’s Block”

Good morning again from the biggest little city!

As the semester begins to wrap up, I like to take time to reflect on everything that I have learned in the past months (and still ignore the fact that my paper is still incomplete. Oops!) Out of all the readings, homework assignments, papers, exams, and minutia, I think the greatest thing that I have picked up this semester is the power of blogging and the enjoyment that I get out of it! What better way than to share my thoughts with the world, have a few people engage in conversation about the value of the content, and then start fresh the next day. I have connected with many people across the country and the globe, and continue to promote my love for triathlon and business success.

You just have to pick the "write" combination....

One of the most amazing things I have discovered, is that there is little to no excuse for the proverbial “writer’s block” when coming up with blog content. With 1,009,614 words in the English language, there is plenty of opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences. It still amazes me that my experiences as a triathlete, businessman, friend, and brother have given me a unique outlook on life, and my blog is the perfect outlet for sharing those experiences! I have found inspiration from blogs in my training, discussions with colleagues, articles I have read, other bloggers, and any form of books, magazines, or thoughts from friends.

It is shocking at times how certain blogs can be a hit with your readers and others can tank miserably in the depths of the un-navigated Interwebs. I have found that my most successful blogs are the ones written from the heart, sharing struggles and huge hurdles that get in my way, opportunities to overcome those hurdles, and good advice for remaining successful in all aspects of life.

So the next time you choose to share your experiences, think about which of the 1,009,614 words will give you the most bang for your buck to relate to your reader! What excites you the most about the freedom to blog?

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