Celebrating the Little Successes

Good morning again!

Quick post today, but it’s an important one. After a successful start to a triathlon season yesterday at the Icebreaker Triathlon in Folsom, I thought it’d be great to share celebrating the little successes of the weekend.

  • Despite not placing as high as I would have liked in the overall rankings, I did fantastic on the swim (placing top 3) and took the fastest time on bike for men 30 and under. That’s something to be excited about! Despite some angry outbursts at the finish line (losing 3rd place by 27 seconds) I realize today that I actually had a blast and the race was fun and enjoyable.
  • I am thankful for the wonderful company that tagged along (thanks Jim and Shelly) and they really made the trip wonderful. In the grand scheme of things, the entire weekend was about having fun and bonding with friends, not just posting fast times or placing well.
  • There are plenty of opportunities left in the race season for focusing on time, and losing sight of the reason for racing defeats the purpose. Fun, excitement, adventure, and challenge are the primary reasons, not just simply being fast.

Reflecting on the events of the weekend, I am definitely excited about how well the race went and my performance, but I am also looking forward to setting future goals for myself in the upcoming months. Also, the school year is coming to a close and the “abundance” of free time will be a great relief. When all was said and done, I was glad to be able to celebrate with a relaxing movie and delicious strawberry shortcake! O:-)

What areas of life do you often find yourself losing track of your initial goals? How do you celebrate your successes?

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  1. Thanks Aaron, I really enjoyed this post. First off, great work in your event. Sounds like you kick a**!

    Also, thanks for the reminder to recognize and celebrate the little wins in life. If we don’t enjoy the ride what’s no point, right?


    1. Hey Brad, thanks for your thoughts. I definitely agree that the little wins are actually the only thing in life that matters. If you don’t celebrate the little stuff, you won’t make it to enjoy the big!

  2. Congrats on your successes, Russell! This post is a great reminder for all of us that we do need to give ourselves a pat on the shoulder more than we think we deserve. Each little success leads to the great accomplishment later on!

  3. Hi Irene, thank you for your comment. I think pats on the shoulder really help us to keep our lives in perspective and get us through the ups and downs that we constantly are running into!

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