Honoring a Great Leader, Milton Glick

The sun may be shining in Reno, but it is still a dark day at the University. As most of you have heard, President Milton Glick died this past weekend from a stroke. To say this news was shocking would be an understatement.

Since 2006, President Glick has served as the head of the University, and has given students, teachers, and faculty clear and nonnegotiable goals for the future of this institution. Although I never personally had a conversation with the President, I did get to shake his hand at graduation in 2009 and nearly collided with him in the Clark Administration building. I would often see him walking around campus conversing with students, wearing his adventuresome hat (which Indiana Jones would certainly approve of), and always keeping his focus on the purpose of this institution. To improve the quality of life for ALL Nevadans. This slideshow is just the tip of the iceberg for the many deeds and accomplishments that President Glick had at the University, and I look forward to the memorial this afternoon to honor and pay my respects to a well-loved and caring leader.

Needless to say I was devastated when I finished Sunday’s triathlon only to find my Inbox full of depressing and sad emails sharing the University’s loss. In a time of sweeping budget issues, President Glick served as the point man for our University by encouraging, hounding, and pleading with our legislature to take a long, hard look at what they would be doing to our state if they sliced, hacked, and mauled our education budget like ravaging lions.

President Glick’s primary philosophy was built on the idea of a “sticky campus” where community and college act as one. Perfect examples of this would be the Wolf Pack smashing Cal, bucking the Broncos, and besting the Eagles in San Francisco. Not only did the city of Reno rally around this University but showed that even when times are tough, the educational system and what it stands for is something to be cherished and promoted.

The coming weeks, months, and even years will not be easy, but  I believe that the President equipped our leaders to make this institution even more successful than it already is, and I await (even if somewhat anxiously) the end of these tough times and the beginning of even more prosperous ones.

Even though the President is gone, I believe that he has left a legacy that encompasses all students and faculty on this campus. It is comforting to me to know that I am a firm believer in the “sticky campus” and exhibit that in my every day life. I earned my undergrad degree, I have a career that I love and cherish here, I attend football games, I’m a grad student…I am a member of the Wolf Pack!!!


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