An Ode To Mothers

Happy Mothers Day!

In honor of the great moms out there, here’s a brief poem I wrote as a reminder of how awesome MY mom is:

Brothers and fathers,
Sisters and mothers…
Fathers are cool, and sisters drool,
But moms are the ones who keep us in school.

Rain or shine,
Sickness or health,
They work harder than Santa’s elf!

It’s a gross travesty to celebrate a mother’s epicness on a single day,
I say all moms deserve a hip-hip-HOORAY!

Nurturing, comforting, caring, and loving,
I can’t quite get enough of mom’s hugging.

Meatloaf, lasagna, challah, oh my.
Just give me a freaking slice of mom’s peach pie!!!!
All through the ages the legacy of mom lives on…
And will continue to do so long after I’m gone.

You’re the best, mom! :-)



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