Seriously, Why Aren’t You Paying Attention!

Good Morning From Reno!!

We’ve finally got the warm weather everyone has been anxiously awaiting. I spent a rather chaotic, but enjoyable, weekend down in Vegas celebrating my sister’s graduation and enjoying time with friends and family.

As with all of my blogs, the inspiration came naturally from conversations and experiences I was involved in, and today’s is no different. I am sharing this only for a good laugh, I am not being spiteful or cruel. These stories are just too good to pass up! And I have no problem admitting that I am not the best at paying attention to what is going around me either.

Following up to one of my favorite blogs, I am continuing my “Seriously, why…” series to share some of life’s experiences that make me scratch my head or just brighten my day. Disclaimer: I love my family to death but just can’t resist sharing these stories. I made every attempt (when I felt it was appropriate) to not step on anyone’s toes. Without further ado…

  • This little adventure started off my whole trip! One of my relatives supposedly took our giant minivan to the store shopping with them. Oddly enough, when they came back into the parking lot they were unable to find the car. An hour, and many phone calls later, it was discovered that the minivan was left at the house and the tiny sedan was what had been taken to the store. They even swore that they had driven the minivan! 8-) At first I thought how can a mistake like that even happen, but then I thought about work assignments that I’ve let slip through the cracks in previous jobs, and suddenly the whole idea didn’t seem so foreign.
  • Number 2. During a brief trip to the Hoover Dam to see the new bridge, a relative asked if the bridge was going to be opening soon. Normally, this is a valid question, except the very car that brought them to the dam had driven over the bridge not 10 minutes before. Needless to say, I was rolling with laughter…
  • Last and certainly not least, my poor father had an unpleasant run in with meatballs. We had two separate pots, one for the meatballs and one for the meatball sauce. He proceeded to stir through the sauce pot looking for meatballs and proclaimed that we needed more from the kitchen. Fortunately, a dear friend of ours overheard him and proceeded to point out the overflowing pot of meatballs right in front of his eyes. Touché!

Overall, there is a lot that can be taken from these anecdotes. 

  1. Don’t overfocus – sometimes we can get lost in the tiny details of a situation. Don’t ever lose sight of the big picture, otherwise you’ll find that you have lost track of your dreams or goals.
  2. Take everything in stride – these stories only work well because everyone remained easy going and were able to laugh at their mistakes. Taking life too seriously will just result in less fun (and more ulcers) for everyone. No one wants to be paying more for healthcare in this economy…
  3. Learn from your mistakes – sure, it’s embarrassing making a mistake like these, but how much worse to repeat a mistake like that! It would no longer be funny and would be the beginnings of a rather dangerous habit.


What’s your favorite “distracted” moment?


Picture credit. Picture credit 2.


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