How Do You Measure Success?

Good afternoon from Reno. Summer is officially in full swing and it’s beautiful outside!

So far, my adventures this year have given me a lot to reflect on, especially in the area of measuring success. Triathlons, my first marathon, completing the RTO, first semester of the MBA program, trips to Vegas, making new friends, rock concerts, Aces games… my list really goes on and on. I have had a pretty busy schedule, but does that necessarily mean it was successful?

Often times, I feel that we value a packed daily schedule where we don’t get enough sleep, schedule 25 hours of stuff in a 24 hour day, and just over do it. We are constantly driven to have that feeling of “arrival” and “winning” when really we should just take our successes for what they are, the simple joys in life that are rewarding. Something that I often struggle with is seeing the value or successes in situations that initially feel like the world is crashing down around us. So, how do you measure your success when nothing seems to go right?

I was having a discussion recently with a good friend, and they presented a very interesting philosophy that they used to coach by. Champions are all I build; all I build are champions! No matter what kind of athletes he got on the team, it was his job to turn them into champions. What an incredible success to turn the slow kid into the MVP!

This provided me some great food for thought as I thought back on not just this year’s experiences but previous years as well. I have spent my life training to be a champion, and yet still wait for the day when I actually feel like one (wishing to be like the knight below).

Champions Are All I Build; All I Build Are Champions!

It doesn’t matter if I win or lose (winning preferred), had a flat tire or shattered my nose, putting forth 100% of my effort into everything I do constitutes being a champion, and a successful one at that! There will of course be setbacks, life will be wrought with disappointment all too often, and you will fall and bleed and sweat, but it’s how you pull yourself back up that determines who you are as a person.

Over the 23 triathlon and endurance events that I have competed in, there is one truth that never changes. Slow and steady wins the race. Granted, you have to take the definition of “slow” with a grain of salt, but it’s the time and dedication that you put into your activities that determine the outcome. We can’t always be winners, but we are equipped with the tools to persist, which is what true champions do, especially when times are bad.

What is your favorite “champion” moment? If you haven’t reached it, what do you anticipate it being?

Photo credit. Epic photo credit.

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