When Life Gets You Down, Don’t Look Over Your Shoulder

Hey from the Biggest Little City in the World!

Hopefully you are all making your summer as productive as possible, and finding time to spend with family and friends. Coming off of an exhausting weekend, I am certainly looking forward to some well needed rest (sounds familiar). Interestingly, my last two triathlons did not give me the high on life feeling I was expecting and so I set out to find out why…

Donner has never been one of my favorite races (because of the bike ride) but I always enjoy the swim and run. The same was the case on the 17th when I again set out to conquer Donner Summit. The swim went fantastic with a solid transition to the bike, and that’s when my problems began. For the next 80 minutes, nothing seemed to be going right. Crappy wind blowing competitors off of the mountain, losing my chain mid gear change, missing the proper turn around for the bike course, and just getting owned by other triathletes. I almost wish that I would’ve had a flat to put me out of my misery!

My last two triathlons have not gone quite according to plan, but they have provided me excellent life lessons. During the latter half of my miserable biking experience, I wasted a lot of energy thinking of everything that had gone wrong up until that point. Not only did I waste time thinking about something I had no control over (the past) but I wasn’t focusing on the remainder of the race. Triathlon is split into three sports for a reason. There’s always a chance to make up lost time! I gathered my thoughts together, and spent the remainder of the race focusing on what I could control, made up a great deal of lost ground on the run, and past enough competitors to make me happy.

Lesson learned: don’t waste time on things you can’t control. In previous jobs, I spent a lot of time fretting over past mistakes instead of learning from them and moving on. All that negativity and dwelling on errors of the past does not serve you as a person, it simply makes you more miserable and stressed. With my recent experiences, I’ve learned to take disappointment with a grain of salt, suck up the pain, and apply the lessons learned. No one is perfect (a hard pill for me to swallow at times) and I still struggle with that lesson.

My final piece of advice… don’t waste time looking over your shoulder. It’s not worth dreading what’s behind you (assuming you’ve already learned your lesson), and tends to slow you down! The greatest thing that you can do for yourself is keep your eyes ahead of you on the goal. Keep pressing on!

When have you wanted to turn around in life?



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