Hindsight: The Benefit of Perfect Vision

Hello from Reno!

And yes, it’s another FREAKING FANTASTIC FRIDAY! So in follow up to my previous post about not looking over your shoulder, I thought it’d be perfect to talk about hindsight, that all powerful sensation of observing the past from the knowledge and experiences of the present.

Without reiterating too much, it’s hard to believe how crazy this year has been for me. Throughout all of my experiences I’ve had many regrets, many amazing moments (passing the GMAT seems like such a long time ago), ventured into blogging, built many new relationships, and just had a ton of life changing events. During the good times, it’s easy to go through life, having fun and doing what I do best… staying busy! It’s during the tough times that life becomes interesting. Really, it’s during the tough times that all of the learning happens and that you are truly molded into the person you are today.

Since January, I’ve been squeezed for time, been put through the wringer in grad classes, increased my triathlon training workload, been challenged at work, made new friends, and gone through my share of good and bad experiences.

Until recently I had many regrets about my decision making over the past months, and like many of you, always wonder what I would do if given the chance to do something differently. Much to my surprise, I have finally come to terms with my decisions and, for the most part, I am quite OK with the way things have turned out. It’s funny how a let down can turn into an amazing (unexpected) experience so quickly. And besides, who can be unhappy when the Reno Aces are in town!?

I’ve come to understand how much time we can waste regretting the past, which we (ironically) have no control over, instead of spending our energy on the future! It seems that we regret decisions when they are freshest in our minds (days, weeks, or even a few months after making them) but over time we can accept what has happened and move on. I am always one to spend time thinking about “what if” scenarios, and was pleasantly surprised to find I had zero regrets for any of my decisions and wouldn’t have done anything differently. Well, maybe I would have asked for that girl’s phone number at Imperial… but for the most part I am content (another rare feeling for me).

Through both the good and the bad, there are always lessons to be learned, and it is just a matter of accepting them and moving on that makes us who we are.

Do you find it difficult to live with your decisions?

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