50 Blogs Strong, Thousands to Go!

Happy Tuesday to All!

So five months after venturing into the world of blogging, I have finally reached a major milestone, my 50th blog!

This is a pretty special accomplishment for me, especially considering how much joy I have gotten out of sharing my thoughts with the Interwebs audience, and is even more awesome based on the feedback I get from my readership!

I never would have deemed myself an excellent writer or someone interested in sharing my thoughts, but sure enough I’ve taken what I learned from class and hit the ground running.

Blogging has something to offer everyone, no matter what professional background you have or your technical skill level. Here’s just a few of the benefits you can get from blogging:

  1. Have a voice of your own – The great thing about blogging is I can say what I want to say! There’s no better way to share thoughts, ideas, feelings, discoveries, and other useful information than in a blog. It can be a how-to, rants and raves, product reviews, opinions, article sharing, and a gazillion other things. Make your blog what you want it to be!
  2. Pick your audience – There are few times in life when you get to pick your target audience as precisely as with a blog. Maybe I want to target business professionals who are nearly as obsessed with triathlons as I am. You can make it happen! You don’t have to choose your content based on your audience, you can pick your audience based on what you want to write about!
  3. Be yourself – What better way to be yourself than through a blog about your thoughts and ideas. You’re your own worst critic on your blog, so get out there and speak your mind!
  4. Inspire others – You never realize how much you impact people until you get feedback from a blog post that you wrote. Comments like “loved the post,” “can’t wait to read more,” or “you really inspired me…” definitely make it worth your while to crank out good, well-written, and helpful posts. Become a contributor!

I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I think over the past months, and have picked up a new hobby I truly enjoy. I wonder what kind of adventures I’ll experience in my next 50 blogs…

Here’s my favorite blogs from my first round of 50.

What is your favorite way to be yourself?

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  1. To respond to the theme of several of your blogs: the delightful thing about life is that contact with a new activity, person, or event may uncover a new aspect of yourself that further defines you (at least for a season. It’s OK to drop interests, too). The beauty of lifelong learning (about oneself) is we’re not “done” at 18 or 21 or 30 or beyond. I remember realizing at 21 that I adore old movie musicals . . . at 28, that I enjoy calligraphy . . . at 30, that I love genealogy . . . at 34, that I embrace conservative political thought . . . even this year: I discovered immense satisfaction in teaching English as a Second Language to political refugees. None of these was planned, just eventually uncovered through life experiences. A favorite quote: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”

  2. Thanks for the great response! I find it fascinating that some people feel they have learned enough about themselves and just don’t keep on pursuing new interests. It’s encouraging to hear that there is still hope for discovering more about myself after 25 :D

    I thoroughly enjoy that quote!

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