The Inspiration to Succeed

Happy Friday from Nevada’s Finest City.

The tension is building on campus as everyone gears up for the upcoming semester! Only a few measly weeks remain before it’s back to the chaos of semesterly shenanigans (and grad school!) GAH!!

Recently I have been involved in orientation (giving presentations to parents) and talking to tons of people about my great experiences at the University of Nevada. It’s also been great being able to take grad classes and stay so involved with the campus community. I almost feel like a regular student again! And on top of all of that I get to freaking work here!!! Epic.

Plenty of conversations have been going on about sharing our own undergrad experiences, getting students to keep coming back after their first year to finish their degrees, and emphasizing the awesome culture that accompanies such a great campus. Personally, I find it very fulfilling to be able to share my Nevada story because I had such a great time during my four years as a student, and of course couldn’t get my fill so I came back for more. I like to think that my story can be inspiring to others…

For those of you unfamiliar with the Nevada campus, I find our quad to be exceptional, but even more so I find the Bubbling Rock on south campus to be just an awesome place to go and think. When I first came to Reno in 2005, the Bubbling Rock was where I left my family and headed off into the crazy and unknown world of college. To this day, it still remains my favorite place to sit and think and contemplate, and dwell on my successes of the past and plans for the future.

Success is a very relative term in our society, all too often driven by material gains, but working in higher education gives me the chance to help inspire others to succeed in the ways that they see fit.

  1. Find something that drives you – As you will often hear, involvement is the key to a successful (college) career, but that only works if you find something that makes you tick. Everyone has their own tastes and interests, and finding the ones that you really enjoy is the key to inspiration. It  is much easier and more enjoyable to pursue success in something that interests you than to force yourself to do an unpleasant task.
  2. Set your goals – Goal setting is another great way to get and stay inspired. What better way to improve yourself than to set goals that push you, bend you, and challenge you! You need to find a way to climb that mountain.
  3. Enjoy the ride – Life is really too short to go through it without taking enjoyment in the activities that you do. For me, my inspiration and love for triathlons came out of my time at the University of Nevada, and now it’s a core part of my life and engrained in everything that I do. My advice, don’t pass any doors that open up. You never know what opportunity may await on the other side…

Where do you get your inspiration?


  1. Having the right job, “something that drives you” is very important to having some fulfillment in life. But driving someone sounds like a push and that’s good.

    But what really inspires me is not the driver that pushes from behind but even more so the leader that goes before me and:

    • draws me to go forward and excel in my capabilities, even surpass them;
    • sets standards and then follows them as an example;
    • makes promises and does everything to keep them;
    • is principled and honest;
    • looks beyond today, learning from yesterday, for the sake of tomorrow; [hey I like how that sounds]
    • takes risks for what they believe in;
    • is both a teacher and a learner;
    • listens by asking lots of information-gathering questions
    • bucks the systerm where it needs to be bucked for the sake of overall gain for all because “it is the right thing to do”;
    • “walks the talk.”
    • That’s the kind of leader I like to work for, follow; one who motivates through action, even risks a career or other self-serving things in standing up to a wrong-doer for what is right.

      That’s what inspires me. Thanks for asking!

      [I hope my HTML displays the bulleted list correctly above.]

  2. Excellent thoughts. Those traits are all critical, especially when it comes to a supervisor. The most important one to me would be the first and fourth, but that’s not to say the rest aren’t important.

    Also, I updated the comment from within WordPress to fix the code. I think you forgot to close out the list items with :-)

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