Leverage Persistence to Get the Customer Service You Deserve

Good Afternoon from Reno,

Summer keeps on steam rolling by, and the weekend of my year is right around the corner. The Lake Stevens Ironman 70.3 can no longer hide from me (or maybe me from it). Today’s post will be short and sweet: how to get the most out of customer service while maintaining the dignity, pride, and professionalism of everyone involved.I just felt the need to share a positive experience, because all too often we only share the negative.

A recent, and rather stressful episode has occurred that nearly had me out of my mind. Unfortunately, I am going to leave that as vague as it is, but wanted to share the lessons learned when dealing with good customer service (these are in reverse order of importance).

  • Write down everything – When spending a great deal of time on the phone, write down names of people you talked to, dates, times, what was discussed, and the follow through action that was expected by both parties.
  • Have your ducks in a row – Nothing irks me more than people who need service and help from someone, and yet they aren’t willing to do their own footwork. Have your information in order, know what you’re talking about, and anticipate the types of questions that will be asked. If you’re on hold for 35 minutes, you should be able to get that together no problem!
  • Communicate clearly – People can’t help you if they don’t know what the issue is! They are there to assist you in the areas that they are capable of, not to sort through your mumbling rants and raves. Tell them exactly what the problem is, articulate your need for their assistance, and explain the areas that you may be confused about.
  • Be polite – Seriously, this one just breaks my heart. It’s understood and expected to be frustrated at times when dealing with customer service people, but don’t be a f#@ing ass about it! It isn’t their fault such-and-such happened, they are merely assisting you in the resolution.

So there you have it, four quick tips to get you fired up for Friday. Picture credit.

Do you tend to share only the bad experiences or do you share the good as well?


  1. This is very solid advice, Russell. I think it’s great that you learned something from the experience. That is what life is really all about. So many times, we go through negative events and we just rant and rave about them. That IS healthy! We SHOULD do that! But, we should also ALWAYS try to take away something positive, educate ourselves, and use the experience to better our lives going forward. If we don’t do that, we will never learn. And if we don’t learn, there’s not much point in living… because we’ll just be making the same mistakes over and over again, never moving forward.

    And I am glad that this post was as vague as possible, so I can share these tips with the world! ;-)

  2. Hahhaha, great feedback. And yes, this post was very unusual for me. I’m good at burying the good and only focusing on the negative, but voila! maybe it’s the new me… :-)

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