Return of the Ironman

Good Morning World!

Give or take a day, it has been one month since I dove headlong into the fascinating world of ultra-endurance competition. It did redefine my life, presumably for the better, and I now walk a little higher ready to tackle the next monumental challenge. Perhaps a quarter of a century will be something good to cut my teeth on…

It has been an interesting month, especially with the chaos of grad school setting in, and I have found that I am still scrambling to find my normal routine. Just because I thrive under pressure doesn’t mean that I don’t need my routine! On more than one occasion, I have gone into panic mode simply because something has happened out of the ordinary or was unexpected. I’m getting better but it still happens, and it’s a goal for me to just “let it happen.”

Ever since Lake Stevens, the thought of running and biking have made me queasy at best, and it’s far more enjoyable to lay in bed for the extra hour and half before heading off to work. I find myself emotionally drained, lacking motivation to exercise, and have a new found appreciation for video games, reading, and just going to bed early. The 12-15 hour workout weeks of my summer are gone, and we’re transitioning to that time of year when hibernation always sounds like so much more fun than dragging myself out of bed to plow through yet another grueling workout.

This is not a new feeling for me, as every race year has major ups and major downs, although this year’s riding high feeling lasted much longer than I expected and felt much better than previous seasons (I expect post race disappointment to not last as long). My typical season usually runs up through a race my birthday weekend in Santa Cruz, but I opted out of that since the half Iron drained me so much… so what’s a triathlete to do with changing seasonal activities now that I’ve hung up my tri gear until February?

Well…to deal with the annoyingly pesky post-race depression, I’m branching out and trying new things (and of course working on being spontaneous, which is far worse than a 70.3 mile race). I’ve started going to Crossfit at the campus gym, and although I find some of the workouts taxing, I’m not sure how I feel about them as a whole. They’re far too short (time-wise) for my taste although it is a nice variation from hours on a bike or blasting through 4000 yards in a pool.

No problem for this guy!

I’ve also had a chance to dig up some fresh reading (A Game of Thrones and soon The Hunger Games have reached my list) although I tend to use those as distractions from my schoolwork. Oops…

Perhaps some of you also get down once the seasons shift towards less sun and more cool weather, but I’ve decided to suck it up and not be a pansy this year. I’ve even put together a list of things I’m looking forward to in the coming fall months! Blue Man Group, Tough Mudder (going to be EPIC), UNLV football with the sis’, and a business presentation in Rhode Island will all keep me busy and content (and that’s just through October!)

The fall is always a wonderful time of year, and I’m setting out to make the most of mine. On top of everything, I stumbled upon this quote today. Not only was this hilarious but I’m sure some of my friends can see me saying something like that…but only in jest!

“Sometimes it is fun to stroke your own ego by surrounding yourself with inferior people…”

Anyways, onwards and upwards. There are mountains to climb, electric wires to dodge, pits of mud to surmount, logs to conquer, and flames to evade. I’m not retiring, I’m just taking an extended break… I’ll be back!

How do you deal with the change in the seasons?



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