Feeling Inundated by Technology? You Aren’t Alone…

Greetings from Reno!

Well the epic weekend excitement has settled down, so it’s time to get back into my routine (whatever that looks like). A blog on technology is wayyyy overdue, so here we go!

To get things kicked off, my mom sent me a hilarious Zits comic. For those of you unfamiliar with Zits, it describes the Aaron family perfectly (and any other family who has ever had teenagers/young adults).

Clearly, this generation, my sis included :P , have a very different approach to technology. They can’t fathom a world without Google, and their heart skips a few beats if you take away their texting for more than 25 seconds. In a recent shopping episode for a new TV, I, an avid tech guru, was rather overwhelmed with the choices.

Do you want an internet TV? Do you want a 3D TV? Do you want a TV that makes you breakfast? Really, I just wanted a TV that made Halo and Iron Man look heavenly. Is that too much to ask for?

Technology is constantly moving at break-neck speed, so what’s a normal person to do to keep up?

  1. Do your homework – The Internet is a seemingly endless resource for all things tech related.  Get out there and start reading stuff! There’s no better way to figure out what your next cool purchase should be or whether or not you should upgrade your motherboard than reading reviews, watching video tips, and checking out user forums. News.com is one of my favorite resources for all things tech related, and always gives me a foundation to start with.
  2. Ask questions – Nothing irks me more than a pushy Best Buy salesman who clearly couldn’t tell me the difference between an LED TV, an LCD TV, and a  scorching yellow Ferrari. You’re the consumer, make sure that all of your questions are answered. If you aren’t happy, leave! I’ve heard too many stories of people who invested in what they thought was cool technology, only to find that it was the complete opposite of what they really wanted. Also, be sure to use resources like your geeky friends who seem to know everything about technology and/or lightsabers and the ways of the Jedi
  3. Avoid the bleeding edge – I am all about the latest and greatest, but when it comes to technology that is so raw you can see the pulsing organs, it might be time to take a step back. I avoided the iPad rush over a year ago, but that was so the bugs would be worked out. Now, I can cash in on a device with the features that I want. The same occurred with the Droid. I let the first generation come and go, and by the time DroidX was released it was primed and ready to be an awesome, ass-kicking device.
  4. Let your colleagues/friends make the mistakes – Making mistakes is absolutely the best way to learn. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to be the one making them…. Flat screen HDTVs are all the rage now, but think back to when they had just come out. They were costly, slightly more bulky, and people didn’t really understand what an HDTV was supposed to do for you. Now days they’re dirt cheap, have a plethora of features that almost make you wanna vomit, and have established themselves as the center of your home entertainment system. If your TV doesn’t play Pandora radio, it’s just a giant paper weight, right? If only they could do laundry…

It is quite easy to get lost in the shuffle of technology. This particular blog has a nice segway into a review of the World is Flat by Freidman, a wonderful book that any self-respecting Americna should read. What a great way to get an international perspective of how the world has been permanently impacted by technological advances. You thought the light bulb was cool… wait till you read this book (review soon).

The tidal wave of technology will not stop anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you need to be overwhelmed by it! Take the time to become an expert in areas that interest you and you’ll be set for life.

What is the most overwhelming technology that you’ve encountered so far?



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