The Clash of the Titans

Good Morning from Reno!

The sixth week of the semester has managed to sneak up on us, and the cooler weather is beginning to settle in. Fall has appeared suddenly, the MLB playoffs are well underway, and college football is a go!

The Battle for the Fremont cannon is every Nevadan’s favorite conflict (or should be), and I always look forward to the annual clash of the Nevada Wolf Pack and the UNLV Rebels. Nothing gives me more joy than watching the Wolf Pack run the field red with Rebel blood…I hope that the tradition continues this year. Copious amounts of body paint, along with a guest appearance by my sister should make this Battle for the Cannon one for the ages!

Now that the birthday dust has settled, I’ve been able to evaluate the last three months, and they have proved to be nothing short of exciting. As we move into the cooler months, it seems that a new chapter of my life will begin to unfold, and with it, new adventures will be brought along. With only nine weeks left of school, I would say it’s safe to assume that I should count homework as a routine and weekly thing that needs to be done, but have yet to reach that point O:-)

It has been years since I’ve gone back to school for a fall semester, and I’m not used to having to drastically adjust my schedule from the summer to fall transition. Here’s some thoughts on the transition…

  1. You make time for the things you want to do – I always suffer from over-scheduling syndrome, and I’ve begun to pay the price (lack of sleep, homework time, etc.). However, if I genuinely want to do something, I will make time for it. A walk through the park at 10:30 at night after 14 hours on campus may seem silly, but when that is quality time with someone that you have no problem sacrificing for, then it’s totally worth it! It’s pretty impressive how priorities can change so quickly, almost overnight…
  2. Continue to make new goals for yourself – Short of the Ironman world championships in Kona in a few days, triathlon season is officially done and over until February. I’ve collected a nice new library in the past weeks of books that need to be read, and so I’ll reallocate some of my time to get back into reading (something which I love but doesn’t offer me the rush of triathlon competition).
  3. Take time to relax – Nothing beats a guys-only burger night while watching Bruce Willis put a few rounds into the bodies of bad guys. With hectic schedules spread far and wide, it’s easy to neglect the things or people that mean the most. Don’t let it happen!
  4. Keep looking forward – October is going to be nothing short of amazing, and yet in the back of my mind I am still looking forward to the 25th. Highlight the important days, look forward to the amazing events (football with dad and sister) and keep on keepin’ on. All too often, when looking forward to the future I miss the awesomeness of the present. And it’s never worth it…

So get out there and bring your body paint! This weekend is going to be one for the Silver and Blue to shine.

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