Technology Can Be Inspirational and Disappointing

Happy Hump Day from Northern Nevada!

Fall is arriving in Reno, and with it comes refreshing weather, football tailgating, and MIDTERMS! AHHH!!!!! No bueno…

For many of you, technology is something that you may take a passive interest in, it’s there when you need it, and yet you realize the value that it brings for you to your life. Maybe you use the Internet to Skype with people around the globe, or perhaps you just obsess over Facebook status updates…

Others of you may be hellbent with tracking the latest technology trends, picking up the latest gadget, testing out the bleeding edge of a device, or even reading through scholarly articles to find out what’s coming down the pipe.

In recent years, Apple has certainly set the tone for our expectations of what technology can, should, and will do for us. Few companies have had such a huge impact in such diverse categories from music to portable devices:

MacBook Pro, iPod, iPad, iTunes, iPhone, iOilChange.

Steve Jobs was a truly inspired businessman of our time, and was able to flex his team’s creative muscles to create simply amazing and wonderful products that shattered paradigms and redefined what the “technological box” was. Unfortunately, when a company begins meeting demands like Apple has done, the bar gets raised higher and higher…

As many of you know, Apple is notorious for their annual releases of new products, almost to the calendar day, leaving everyone anticipating the next great release. Well, the anticipation around the iPhone 5 has been generated for over a year, and then bam, all we get is a measly iPhone 4S upgrade. Disappointing? Absolutely! I definitely think Apple missed a great chance to catch up to Android powered phones and to take back some of the market share.

Verizon has launched their new 4G network (a much faster data connection to your phone than 3G) and has the Android muscle to power it through. Apple, well… , Apple seems to have forgotten that 4G is going to be a big deal this year. Maybe they’re gearing up for next year, but why make your customers wait another year when the competition is offering 4G on phones now?

As far as tablets, Apple certainly takes the cake. They destroyed the laptop and desktop paradigm and combined it into something great. However, will Apple be able to hold onto that lead and still fend off the competition? I don’t know, especially with Amazon’s new Kindle Fire being released at half the price. Yes, the devices are different but Amazon has made a bold statement that says “we aren’t OK with Apple’s pricing.” The tablet industry (short of Apple) has been disappointing. Hopefully companies will get the message and capitalize on the iPad’s weaknesses, which at the moment seems to be pricing.Moses and Steve Jobs tablets

The technology world is cutthroat. End of story. With all of the great new opportunities and cool devices comes both inspiration but also a little disappointment. I’m a little upset I can’t pick up a tablet for under $200!

What technology leaves you wanting more and which one gives you the inspiration to do something awesome?

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