And Here Comes the Stress Bomb!

And it’s Friday…I’m not going to lie, I AM FREAKING STRESSED!!!!!! GAHHHHHH!

Still, it’s going to be a beautiful weekend, especially after we polish off New Mexico State in football tomorrow (hopefully).

Big midterm in international export marketing coming up Tuesday, less than two weeks before presenting at NASPATech in Rhode Island, and my car isn’t behaving nicely at all! Oh how I wish it was triathlon season again…

The warm summer sun is long gone, my cupboard always seems to be empty, I’m breaking out in zits, AND my rats won’t talk to me anymore.  I’m just kidding, I’m not breaking out in zits… selfish little creatures! But seriously, the stress in my life recently seems to have multiplied exponentially in the past few weeks.

A voice in the back of my head seems to nagging me about not following my own advice for dealing with stress. There’s just been something about this week, or maybe it’s this time of year, or maybe it’s HM being 5000 miles away, or better yet, perhaps I’ve fallen back into my old ways of booking 180 hours of activities in a week where I only get 168… blah. I absolutely love planning, it’s one of my hobbies, and yet a lack of a concrete plan for the remainder of the year seems to be driving me insane!

It’s not so much a control issue as I just like to know what I’m doing. I’ve decided I can be flexible, but can’t I just be flexible around a quasi-plan? I’d feel so much better!

So yeah, I’ve been rather unpleasant to be around the past few days, and looking at my calendar for the weekend just makes me sad because it’s full of school stuff that should’ve been done weeks ago. I thrive under pressure, but that’s the good kind of pressure. This is just the stupid, obnoxiously annoying kind of stress that just makes me angry! >:[

Today, I don’t have any nifty tips or tricks or a magic pill for dealing with stress, although I feel like acknowledging it is at least a step in the right direction. I am, however, about to go write a 2000 word email rant so that should help clear my head. Perhaps I just need to get back in the pool….

Instead of being Negative Nancy for the remainder of the day I decided to anticipate the fun things that will be happening in the not too distant future:

  • Football with the father – An Aaron classic, the annual Nevada Day (plus or minus a week) adventure to Reno for football, food, and fantastic times
  • Vacation to Boston – Oh my gosh vacation sounds amazing! Never been to Boston before and definitely looking forward to it. It will be nice not having to deal with all the crazy idiots downtown Reno during the Zombie Crawl too…
  • Corn maze – Nothing screams fall like getting lost in a corn maze with cider. Yum!

Well, that’s all I got. Get out there and enjoy your weekend!

What’s your favorite escape from stress activity?

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