What Motivates You To Jump in the Ring?

It’s Taco Tuesday (and there was much rejoicing)!

I thought last week’s pounding of UNLV was bad… poor New Mexico didn’t even put points on the board till the last few minutes of the fourth quarter. I like blowing out an opposing team as much as the next guy, but I feel like 49-7 was a bit much. I guess we know how it feels to be Boise now. We should enjoy it while we can…

Speaking of pounding things to a bloody pulp… GO SEE REAL STEEL!

In an epic combination of Transformers meets Rocky, Hugh Jackman and his long-lost (abandoned) son saddle up for a 21st century robot Rock ’em Sock ’em boxing fest. This isn’t a movie review blog, so I won’t spoil anything, but it does a surprisingly good job of getting the audience to actually think and really relate to the characters (something refreshing based on the plethora of weak, watery movies of late).

Witty banter, a solid plot, and servo slicing, bolt-busting action keep audiences of all types happy. Yes, there was lots of cheering in our theater! My poor friends had to tell me to shut up a few times O:-)

It’s a typical David vs. Goliath story that keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire ride. In the future, giant robot boxing machines have replaced human boxers because of society’s desire for carnage, ultimate destruction, and total blood bath (oil is more like it). As an avid fan of Iron Man, Star Wars, and other fantastic sci-fi films, I couldn’t help but be sucked into the futuristic world instantly.

Real Steel Zeus

Hugh Jackman’s character has a few major flaws (as any good protagonist does) least of which is desire for money. Throughout the story, you follow his adventures of finding out what is truly valuable in life (his son and relationship with the woman who has stuck by his side) by coming to terms with what he is willing to fight for to keep those things.

It was this revelation, when his son tells him that all he ever wanted was for his dad to fight for him (custody battle), that the inspiration for this blog arose. What would I be willing to “hop into the ring” for?

  1. Relationships that matterAll too often, we like to take the easy way out. Some relationships take time, patience, suffering through hurt, separation, and just hard work. The good thing about the people who stick with you through the tough times are the ones that you can enjoy the good times with!
  2. The stress grind – I have identified what I think is important in life, and now I have to follow through with it. It’d be nice to just drop all my MBA classes and pretend I would be ok with that, but how does that serve me down the road? All that says is “quitting is ok.” I like to think I’m not a quitter.
  3. Accept your responsibilityIn a society that likes to shirk responsibility, it’s often tough to suck it up and accept the consequences of your actions. People just enjoy not taking responsibility for anything, and it’s a tough lesson to learn. Credit card bills, family obligations, social activities, the list goes on and on… Fortunately, Jackman wises up and acknowledges that you have to fight for both your woman and your family, even if it seems unappealing. He finally figures out where his responsibilities lie, and no, they aren’t to his 1000 pound robot named Ambush.
  4. Be yourself – Really, the main story of Real Steel is discovering who you are. Jackman was a prize fighter and spent his life running from his “failure” in the boxing ring. All too often, I find myself running away from who I truly am as well, although I’ve begun to turn that around this year. What kind of message would we be sending if we aren’t comfortable to be ourselves around people who care?


So Real Steel has been “knocking out” the competition at the box office… :-) get off your couch and go see it!

What is your greatest motivation for doing something you don’t want to do?

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