You’ve Burnt Your Candle to a Crisp… Now What?

Good Morning from Reno!

October is rapidly coming to a close, and with it comes the all-glorious and wonderful Nevada Day! What better way to enjoy our state than by celebrating with Friday off :-)

So I survived midterms, but the stress has gone absolutely nowhere, and if anything it has increased yet again. I thought that venting and processing through previous posts would have helped, but I feel that I was sorely mistaken…

Even after a fun-filled and somewhat relaxing weekend, I’m not operating 100% and feel that I am battling uphill against everything. And with a mere eight hours before my flight to Rhode Island, things are just beginning to heat up. Actually, it’s going to be bloody FREEZING over there!

I don’t know where I’ve gone wrong this semester in my stress management, but something is definitely missing and I am bearing the brunt of that. It’s never fun to walk into someone’s office while they’re brooding, and I feel bad for anyone who has had to experience that with me this week.

I consider my parents very wise people, and something they constantly remind me of is not to burn the candle at both ends. Well… my candle is MIA. So much for that advice :-| It seems that in my eagerness to grab life by the horns I’ve somehow misplaced a time for resting. Of course, I don’t understand that either, because I get my 7.5-8 hours a night, I still eat 4-5 times a day (always a joyous occasion), and make tons of time for my workouts. So what the heck!?

Clearly, I bit off more than I could chew this fall, but what else was I supposed to do?! It’s too late to turn back now. Of course, with the holidays rapidly approaching, that’s just more opportunity for stressful air travel, dinners, and other shenanigans that only occur a few times a year. It’s time to find a new strategy for coping for stress. Where I’m going to find it, I haven’t a clue.

It all adds up and makes me feel like I’m just getting blown out of the sky. Now that my candle has been utterly cooked, the simple solution would be to buy a new one :D Guess it’s not that easy…

  1. Epic business presentation – Getting to share one of my favorite summer projects is going to be awesome! It’s made even better by the fact that I’m flying to the other side of the country to network and share ideas with colleagues. Nothing quite as refreshing as that!
  2. Vacation – “Me time” is rare these days and in high demand, so I figure that taking 96 hours to do what I want should be freaking awesome. Seeing an old high school friend never hurts either. I may even turn off my cell phone just to spite everyone…
  3. Re-prioritization – Once I get back to my routine, there’s going to have to be a change. Perhaps I’ll actually plan ahead in my classes, spend more nights at home huddled under warm blankets and watching old musicals, or perhaps I’ll just not do so much on the weekends. Don’t know how that will happen since there’s so much cool stuff coming up, but it’s worth a shot!

When you’ve lost your sanity and you’re on the fritz, what do you do to get it together again!?

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  1. The best way to recover is to do nothing. Spend a day vegging out in your PJ’s and although it would sound like a huge waste of time when you’re super busy, you’ll hit the game with infinite more productivity :)

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