Unexpected Customer Service Can Make Your Day


I’ve been MIA recently due to a trip to the East Coast (more blogs to follow on that) but today’s is going to be short and sweet on an unexpected and rather pleasant experience I had with customer service. Historically, I’ve been known for my terrible customer service stories, but this is a refreshingly good one!

I don’t consider myself much of a flake, but things happen from time to time. After thoroughly conquering our presentation with my coworkers in Rhode Island, it was finally time to head to the awesome city of Boston. In my excitement of bolting out the door, I left my suit, several dress shirts, and my awesome ties hanging up in the closet of our hotel room. Lesson: when packing the night before don’t leave things out of sight!

Ironically, we spent two hours in town eating breakfast and sightseeing (plenty of time for me to realize my blunder) before heading to Boston to return the car. Nonetheless, it wasn’t until the very moment that we pulled into the Enterprise parking lot in Boston that my blood ran cold and I realized I left all my professional gear behind!

I’m always one for panic, and of course had a minor heart attack. How was I going to get my suit back? What if it wasn’t in the room? How am I going to afford a new one?! The list goes on and on…

Luckily, my coworker had the phone number available and I was able to coordinate the mailing of my suit and shirts to our next hotel, all while riding the shuttle to the Boston airport. Needless to say, it was an adventure I could’ve done without.

Lucky for me, the staff at Howard Johnson have earned their numerous awards for a reason, and they had already pulled the suit out of the room and had it ready for pickup. Of course I was heading the wrong direction from the hotel, so they agreed to overnight it to me (before I got my flight to Reno) and were happy to help.

My suit arrived just fine and I had a very enjoyable vacation! Funny how things tend to work out for the better :-)

What’s a positive customer service story that you have to share?



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