What Awaits at the End of Your Rainbow?

Happy Thursday! This is my 80th blogGET EXCITED :-)

Well the most stressful week of the semester has passed without incident. All of that worrying seems to have been rather silly after the fact, although I am content with having been prepared for both my test and presentation.

Goal setting and the pursuit of greatness are a very important part of my life. I prefer to be fantastic at a few select things as opposed to good at everything, and I have come to that realization during this year, but especially since grad school started. My MBA program has helped me think outside of the box, not necessarily in regards to course content but in regards to the big picture of my life.

I’ve always preferred to focus on the short term planning of my life, because that is what stresses me out. The long term will take care of itself, and currently the only long term things I’m planning are graduation in May 2013 and Ironman Coeur d’Alene that same year!

So in this pursuit of bigger and better goals, new life challenges, what awaits us at the end of our path? [Note: if you want a tangible answer to that question, go elsewhere]

  1. Satisfaction – Climbing the mountains that stand before you, whether real or imagined, gives you the skills and confidence needed to continue trekking through life. As long as we take away something from each and every experience, we will be better equipped to go out and find new adventures, whether that’s new hobbies, new people to hang out with, or just an awesome new talent. Enjoy and embrace your experiences, they are what life is all about!
  2. Self-improvementAs I’ve rattled on many times before, the day we stop learning is the day that we die, and really we would do such a disservice to ourselves by not using our brains to their fullest capacity. Granted, some would argue that that can’t ever happen, but that point is moot in this context. Sharing new knowledge with someone, achieving a personal record in something, and excelling in personal or professional development all result in self-confidence boosts and make you a better person.
  3. Flexibility – Again, a common theme of recurrence throughout my blogs is the horrible-spine-tingling word ‘flexibility.’ Yes, it’s good to be flexible but why should I have to be the flexible one?! Setting goals and challenging yourself helps you to tackle the doubt in your mind about utterly failing certain things, and once you’ve succeeded, you have that new-found confidence and are more flexible and better equipped for round two. The more you push yourself, the better you will get. The better you get, the more you want to go out and do. It’s an awesome chain reaction that will get you through the highs and lows of life!

I’m in shock that November is evaporating so quickly… once Thanksgiving hits, the year might as well be over! I am, however, looking forward to some additional freedom once the semester ends.

New Years is only 1248 hours away… how are you going to use that time to the fullest extent? What adventures await you? What are your goals and dreams to be fulfilled before then?

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