Today, I Want to Be More Awesome Than Yesterday!

Happy Taco Tuesday from a very chilly Reno,

Hope you all had a wonderful Veterans Day weekend. It was a nice time to catch back up on life, although my sleep counter still reads “empty,” the social calendar was a little too full, and video games were a little more prominent than preferred (go play Skyrim, it’s awesome), BUT I’m over the hill for schoolwork. YES!

I blew through my last presentation for my IS class, which was almost fun and enjoyable, and now I’m smooth sailing, at least until tomorrow :[ Working on that presentation over the weekend, I stumbled upon a pretty cool graphic that said “be more awesome than yesterday.” That actually made a lot of sense to me, not because I try to be awesome but because I strive to learn and improve on myself every day.

I’ve had many events this year that I consider to be pretty awesome, and to select the “best” would be impossible. If I had to choose, my half Ironman would be numero uno, and the presentation in Rhode Island would come in at a close second. In the world of triathlon training, I wake up everyday to train and mold myself into a better athlete than I was the day before. I either need to be a faster runner, a more efficient swimmer, or a stronger cyclist, and everything I do throughout the day is geared with that end goal in mind. I eat to recover, train to be quicker, eat more, train again, and then sleep lots. Rinse and repeat. Triathlon is a lifestyle… not a sport.

The same goes with any day-to-day ritual of self-improvement. You know your strengths and weaknesses better than anyone else, leverage those for who you want to be and how you want to achieve your goals and dreams. What a great feeling to crash into your bed every night knowing that you put your best foot forward and improved on yourself throughout the day! Even better, you get to wake up and do it again. What better way to enjoy life than to know that you are now better at your occupation, your relationships, or your hobbies then you were when you woke up?

However, don’t diminish the gains from today with the goals of tomorrow. For me, it’s easy to blow everything off and not really enjoy or celebrate my successes. Really, the best way to find motivation is to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and then use that to prepare for what’s next.

My quest for awesomeness this year culminated in reaching a quarter of a century, but that was two months ago, and I’ve since moved on. Guess I don’t really take my own advice on reflection… seeing as how we are all our own worst critic, I suppose my definition of “awesome” continues to change and skew over time, and I’m in constant pursuit of being more awesome, a better triathlete, etc.

The holidays should be a good chance to reflect and dwell on the year. I was going to say “relax” but we all know that won’t happen… my quest for awesomeness, not dissimilar from the quest for the Holy Grail, will never end but my goal is to enjoy the ride a little more.

IMonty Python need to figure out my calendar a little bit, make a few tweaks, and continue the pursuit of learning. I kind of wish I could be awesome like Darth Maul… it must be tough being a bad-ass Lord of the Sith as soon as you enter the world. *Sigh* Maybe a face tattoo and double-edged lightsaber will solve my problems…

What motivates you to be awesome?

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