How the Holidays Impact You

And a very happy hump day from Reno!

For those of you at work today, you have my sympathies. You also know that it is almost guaranteed to be one of the most unproductive of the year. Everyone’s thoughts are on turkey, sleeping in, and spending time with friends, family, or otherwise.

As is all too common, the coming of Thanksgiving means that Christmas is right behind, New Years is mere weeks away, and the slippery slope of the end of the year is beginning. I don’t really know where 2011 slipped away to… January through March always dragggggggg by ever so slowwwwwly and then everything else zooms past. Unfair.

There’s something fun about all of the anticipation of evenings spent together huddled under blankets, sipping warm beverages, and watching classics like White Christmas or Miracle on 34th Street. Our family, as I’m sure yours does, has traditions that run back for decades, and even the slightest deviance can send our holidays into a turmoil. Well… this year I’m the one breaking the tradition…

Since 1997, we have always spent Thanksgiving in Vegas. Last year was our first minor exception, but for good reason. The stomping of Boise State was too good to miss, and I was willing to suffer mom’s wrath to go to the best football game I’ve ever seen in person. I am grateful, however, that they decided to make the road trip up here so that we could share in the Wolf Pack victory together!

That was 2010, and this year things will again be different. For the first time in my life, I’m not going to be with my family for Thanksgiving. I realize to some of you that’s not a big deal, but it is for me. Lots of traditions have just slipped out the window, although it will be a good thing to branch out on my own. I’m 25, I feel pretty secure in being able to handle it; however, that doesn’t mean I won’t miss things about being home!

We used to watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade, but who are we kidding? Since 2000, that disastrous event quickly turned into the largest advertising campaign of the year, and we quickly found other things to occupy ourselves with…

An Aaron classic is delaying the playing of Christmas music until the Thanksgiving dust has settled. Once it’s Thanksgiving +1, anything goes, and we have the annual habit of busting out Bing Crosby’s White Christmas and blasting it through the house. I will miss that this year, but you can be sure that I will be performing it in my own rite.

This year may be a tough adjustment for me, especially since the family togetherness aspect will be MIA. I suppose a phone call will make about 32% of that back, but it’s not really the same as helping dad slice the turkey or mom set the table with the ridiculous plates and silverware we use once a year.

I am thankful for the Aaron family always being awesome, despite our many retarded moments, but even more thankful that we will always have the good memories of holiday’s past, and the hope of holidays to come. The four of us have had our share of changes this past year, and that doesn’t seem to be slowing any. So, here’s to bigger and better things!

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  1. Just take the best of what you grew up with–and improve on it! We look forward to other celebrations with some of your “traditions.”

    I’m sure you had a lovely (but different) day, as did we. But . . . I’m not quite ready to hand over your Christmas stocking! See you in four weeks!

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