Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

Happy Cyber Monday!

The month of November is strewn with holidays and various other special occasions ranging from Veterans Day to Black Friday, Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday.

It’s holiday season, there is no doubt about that. Christmas music seems to have magically appeared everywhere I go (even the gas station), there are plenty of locations to pick up your Christmas tree for $20 around Reno, and talk of gifts, shopping, baked holiday goods, and travel plans seem to permeate a majority of conversations.

The blog title was inspired by Chicago’s classic hit… anyone familiar with it will see that the rushing, materialistic society of ours just seems to blow by at break-neck speed, and that it’s only by enjoying the little things that we can appreciate the world around us.

So it’s “that” time of year again, and the rampaging has already begun, as shown by numerous injuries on Black Friday. What is it about $2 DVDs that drives people into an absolute frenzy?!

For my part, I’m glad I didn’t participate in the shopping and even more glad that I’m not purchasing anything today either. It just seems to defeat the purpose of the season. The holidays should be relaxing and a time of togetherness, not of scrounging through electronics bins, crushing your neighbors to save $30 on designer jeans, or busting out your sweet tent from REI to camp outside of Best Buy 19 hours before a sale begins.

The weekend was great, and I really enjoyed my time with friends. I even managed to relax with my video games and hot chocolate, although my sleep meter isn’t quite as full as I would like. As we go steaming into the end of the year, I look forward to more fun events with friends and family, and will certainly appreciate the time spent with them much more than I have in previous years.

The rush and busyness and cramming as much as humanly possible into the holidays has always overwhelmed me, and so this year I’ll be focusing more on quality time with people than running around with my head cut off. Granted, there will be a pinch of stress and scheduling drama, but I’m looking forward to reconnecting with everyone in my life and celebrating the joys and successes of the past year!

As much as possible, I won’t let time become an issue like it always seems to. There’s too much to enjoy in life to sweat the unimportant stuff… so I’ll just look forward to absolutely ridiculous games of Taboo! Always a favorite.

Time becomes an increasingly important asset, and the value of it spent with others increases exponentially. It’s the greatest gift you can give someone, and I’m looking forward to plenty of quality time in the coming weeks… Typically, I’m a worrier of “who knows what time it is…” but this year, I will try to let it go. After all, does anyone really know what time it is?

What’s your weapon of choice: S’mores or hot apple cider?


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