Coping Strategies for End of the Year Insanity

Happy Hump Day!

In case you weren’t aware, every single person in Reno is sick. I’m not even joking…. watch out because even those who you trust as your friends are probably carrying the nasty germs too! It’s only a matter of time (much like the zombie apocalypse).

Having never been a blogger during the holidays before, I never realized how much it impacts my life. In continuing with a string of multiple blogs, I’ll dive into the world of end of the year craziness and ways that I like to deal with the insanity.

  1. Develop a new routine – It’s tough on people like me when the cold sets in, the sun disappears well before you ever get off of work, and a nice Saturday run consists of wearing five layers just so that you can fight off that numbing feeling in your extraneous limbs. As one who loves having routines, I need to find ways to fill my time whether that be spin class, more inside time reading, or just tackling a few good books for fun since the semester is practically over. I go insane without a routine for my life!
  2. Spend time reflecting – There’s nothing better at the end of the year than taking time to enjoy the previous 11 months. It all seems to have gone by so quick, and so much has happened that it can be overwhelming. However, it’s a very positive experience to look forward to the future in anticipation instead of dread. Who has time to worry about that anyways!?
  3. Pack on a few extra pounds – No, I’m not talking about consuming copious amounts of baked goods and alcohol to develop new layers of blubber. I’m talking about hitting the gym and packing on some muscle! The cold weather and usual lazier attitude of people during the winter is the perfect motivation to get off your ass and hit the gym. Every winter, I easily pack on 5-10 extra pounds of triathlon-capable muscle and find the motivation to do so in the disgusting amounts of candy and cookies and snickerdoodles that I see being consumed around me. Nothing like some external motivation to be more awesome! Why would you want to hibernate when you can work to feel great about yourself and stay healthy at the same time?
  4. Enjoy hot chocolate – I’m sorry, but once the cold weather sets in the only thing that brings me ridiculous amounts of happiness is an amazing cup of hot chocolate! If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a cup of chocolate a day is your key to success in life.
  5. Road trip – Being employed on campus means that the end of the semester brings a deathly and irritating quiet to the work place. Take some time off and go see the world! I love traveling and the winter is no exception, as long as you can avoid the snowy passes as much as possible.
  6. Acknowledge when you’re doing too much – Again, running around like crazy serves no purpose other than to wear you out, melt your candle, and set you up for failure. Listen to your body! Surprisingly, it knows best :-) If you’re getting sick, back off. Relax. Enjoy life. Watch a movie. Write the great American novel. Do something other than burn yourself out!

That’s about all I have to say about that! I enjoy that relaxed, lazy feeling for a few weeks to celebrate the end of the semester and then it’s time to kick it in gear!

What’s your coping strategy for holiday stress?

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