Elegant Technology For a More Civilized Age

And once again, fantastical Friday is upon us! $5 to the first person who texts me and tells me what movie the blog title references…

I’m trucking along, trying to reach the monumental 100th blog… It’s only 14 posts away so keep your eyes peeled! It has to happen before Valentine’s Day.

One’s fascination with technology can just as easily be offset with one’s frustration with technology. The good comes with the bad… the convenient with the inconvenient. It’s all in how you look at, learn, and utilize your technology.

A technologist is defined as “a person who specializes in technology.” Pretty vague if you ask me, as technology encompasses every single industry, business, and individual in the entire world.

Cassette tapes used to count as technology, as painful as it seems. Paper counts as technology. The giant plasma TV on your wall is definitely technology. Even your microwave counts as technology!

Technology is an all-encompassing term that is thrown around quite a bit, typically referring to gadgets, computers, or other things some people may not understand. However, technology can also be incredibly specific, even down to a minute detail. The fact that you can check in to your airline reservation 24 hours before a flight is powered by technology, the shiny, curly light bulb in your office is powered by technology (however controversial), and your car is so jam-packed with technology it would make your head spin!

For anyone who has ever worked in an office environment, you know how frustrating it can be when your technology *cough* (copier) bites the dust. We go into a state of paralysis and don’t know what to do with ourselves! Our reliance on technology is actually quite fascinating and has definitely made a positive impact on our society. However, as stated in previous blogs, we also need to be careful of our absolute reliance on technology too.

Just thought I’d share some awesome new technology that I didn’t know existed before yesterday!

Southwest – As you know, the simple joy of checking yourself in before your flight and printing your boarding pass has redefined Americans, especially with the ability to do that from your phone. Pretty sweet! Well, you can now also automatically add your flight to your favorite calendar program. I know it doesn’t sound “that” awesome, but it’s pretty sweet and saves me time of having to update it manually…

  • After you purchase your flight, click the “Print & Share” button and select “Add to calendar.” You can then export it to your Outlook or iCalendar. It will then create the calender event, simply accept it and you’re good to go! It will even mark you as Out of Office, display your confirmation number, AND give you the 24 hour reminder so you can check in. That’s pretty sweet!

Anyways, just thought I would share that fun piece of information. With all of the traveling going on, my Outlook calendar is bursting with items and agendas and flights and appointments and this nifty little too has come in very handy.

Another technology that isn’t so elegant is Bluetooth headsets. For us Nevada residents, we are no longer allowed to yack on our cell phones while driving; we have to use a handset. I don’t know about you, but it pisses me off in public locations when people are running around seemingly having a very loud conversation with themselves, only to discover that they have a bug sized device jutting out of their ears that flashes an endless array of obnoxious neon lights… No, surprisingly the ownership of a Bluetooth headset does not make you cool, and actually I feel like you’re intruding on my personal bubble more than if you were simply talking on your phone.

Regardless, I finally caved in and bought one, and despite being tech savvy, it still took a frustrating half an hour to get my Bluetooth to “talk” to my Droid X. There’s some crappy instructions here, but for all your Bluetooth-ites out there, make sure yo set your phone into Bluetooth discovery mode before trying to sync. How you enable that is for you to find out… Muwhahahhaa!

Anyways, I’m not going to let technology slow me down. Full speed ahead to the weekend!

What is your well-kept technology secret?

Picture credit 1. The possessed copier is from an email I received. Picture credit 2.



  1. This isn’t quite what you’re asking for, but . . .
    I laughed out loud as I breezed through the airport security line with my paper ticket, while the adjacent line was held up by a woman trying to bring up her ticket on her iPad and coordinate it with the TSA infrared beam . . . and then she had to repeat the process for her companion’s ticket.

    Soon after, as I was settling into my seat on my flight, I watched everyone put away their “electronic devices” for take-off. I opened my book in smug satisfaction and had a good 30 minutes of pleasurable reading while everyone around me suffered from technology-deprivation.

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