Food, Friends, and Fantastic Times

And it’s a very frozen Taco Tuesday in Northern Nevada!

What has seemingly been a very adventurous year is beginning to pick up, and December has the potential of being incredibly busy and incredibly awesome. Never my favorite time of year (cold weather, holiday stress, etc.) the 2011 holiday season has some great potential.

This past weekend I was able to get a brief (and much needed) break from reality and got to spend some time in beautiful California. Note: only the scenery is beautiful, the people…. well…. they’re much more angry than Nevadans. And they can’t freaking drive :P

Regardless, it was a nice time to get away and I got to spend time enjoying the things I love. Food, friends, and fantastic times!

Food is always worth appreciating and I have enough blogs involving it that it needs no further discussion… however, I was able to find a new appreciation for my relationships with people, and am slowly beginning to let others see the “real me.” I was even able to ask for help in a very unexpected circumstance when I desperately needed it. That’s progress! Must be the 25 year old becoming more prominent in my personality.

This may come as a shock to some, but I actually have a hard time opening up to people. It’s not necessarily a trust issue, although that contributes. It’s more that I just prefer bottling things up or think that people don’t want to care, or something like that. Well, this weekend I really got a great chance to be myself, which is something I’ve been progressively better at, and I’m still enjoying the positive benefits of doing so!

It’s easy to pretend that nothing can get me down or that nothing bothers me or that I’m unstoppable because I’m an Ironman with an iron will. Really, it’s much healthier just admitting that you have emotions that need to be dealt with, the good and the bad, and afterwards the air feels so much cleaner and I always feel so much better! Bottling things up is just a time bomb waiting to explode…

The weekend’s journey was meant to just be fun, not necessarily a lesson in self-discovery. But that’s exactly what it turned into! Eight hours of time in a car will really get your creative juices flowing, and I was able to share and dwell on a great deal of myself that had been previously kept on the DL.

It’s always good to receive positive feedback when you’re being yourself, especially when it isn’t what you expected. If this weekend is anything to show for the potential that December has to offer, it’s going to be a good month…

Do you surprise yourself by finding reflection in unexpected moments?

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