Nutcracker, Santa Crawl, and Missing Cell Phones

Ten more posts to go to the magical 100!

Happy Monday from Reno. In the tradition of 2011 being fantastic, the weekend was freaking awesome!

After Wednesday, I will be a very happy man, especially when I get the last paper of the semester turned in. Semesters always seem to drag by ever so slowly until finals week comes up and then it’s like OH MY GOSH WHERE DID THE LAST FOUR MONTHS OF MY LIFE GO!?

Anyways, I’m anxiously awaiting five weeks of not dealing with school, (even though I’ll still be working there) and I’m definitely looking forward to the break. It has been a pretty stressful semester, even though filled with plenty of adventures and trips and fun things!

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is going to the Nutcracker, with live music mind you, and this year did not disappoint. Reno may not be known for large scale, Broadway style productions, but they do a fantastic job putting on the Nutcracker with the Reno Phil and the AVA Ballet Theatre. What a joyous and wonderful night on the town! Definitely recommend it for next year.

As you all know, I am an avid fan of my Droid X and the Android phone platform. However, the “mobile device gods” had other plans for me this weekend, as the large brick that coordinated my social life disappeared into a crowd of tipsy Santa Clause’s this weekend at the annual (and totally awesome) Reno Santa Crawl

Reno Santa Crawl

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of powerlessness than trying to coordinate meeting up with your friends on a pub crawl without having a bloody cell phone!! I felt like someone had removed one of my limbs and left me out to dry… fortunately, I was with an already fantastic group of people, so my night was not in jeopardy, but there was still a great deal of frustration attached.

Needless to say, when I awoke the next morning to find that my driver’s license and debit card were not in my wallet was just the icing on the cake. Not only could I not call someone to try and track down my missing identification, but I couldn’t even go to the store to get a new phone because I didn’t have my card! After a very depressing post to Facebook stating that I’d be MIA for the day, it was time to roll out the door and take care of my frustrations. A few hours later, everything was resolved, and the balance of life had once again been restored as I received 35 text messages as soon as my new phone was activated. And I thought the suit incident was frustrating

Clearly, it was a very interesting couple of days but everything worked out, even though I am now an iPhone owner instead of Droid. Maybe I’ll blog about that sometime…

I don’t really remember having such a wonderful time and I am now officially prepared for the following:

  • End of the semester
  • A high school friend’s wedding
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve ridiculousness

It’s time to wrap up the year in style! Christmas is right around the corner :-)

How is the end of your year shaping up?


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