Communication: Life’s Two Lane Highway

Happy Thursday from Nevada!

Finals are on and campus is for the most part, dead. It’s always interesting this time of year, because it’s a time for reflection and dwelling on the past. I find it ironic that all I’ve done is wish for the semester to end, and now that it’s hear, I fear the unknown of what’s next.

Change is an interesting beast, although it brings about many surprising possibilities, especially since change is the only “constant” thing in the world.You would think by now that I would have learned my lesson to accept and embrace and love change, but alas, it still has yet to happen. I suppose 2012 will just have to be the year to practice that. The good thing about “beasts” is that they’re each accompanied by their own “beauty.” You just have to know where to look…

In addition to change, communication is probably my least favorite topic to discuss, practice, dwell on, or admit that I suck at.

I find it fascinating how many different types of communication there are in the world, ranging from texting to phone calls to chats to memos to books to non-verbal to just evil stares that make someone wilt from across the room.

It’s all rather overwhelming, and I find it amusing that I ever though I was good at it… delusional much?!

Just because I can bang out entertaining blogs doesn’t mean that I’m capable of sharing my feelings, or believe that they’re good to share, let alone listen to others and try to interpret or understand their feelings! I find it very frustrating to bump heads over communication with people, especially when it’s so different from my own. Not that either is right or wrong, but it’s a very difficult thing to meet in the middle, and I’m clearly not that great at it!

It recently occurred to me why communication is such a specialized field, and you have to be damn good at it to get through life. I would say that 90% of our lives are spent communicating. For me, the other 10% is spent sleeping and eating! :-) As much as I read and process things during exercise and take time to dwell on life, I still bump into hurdles and setbacks and struggle for how to verbalize and deal with those issues. Granted, 3500 yards in a pool followed by a sweet bike ride is guaranteed to help, but what about when it’s snowing outside? Time for plan B…

If it’s the little things in life that matter, then it’s definitely how you communicate about the little things that makes life awesome. I’m definitely looking forward to another year of goal setting, although I have a hard time seeing how next year could be more awesome or even compete in the same league as 2011. Guess I’ll have to wait it out…

Life’s a highway… I’m going to ride it all night long, baby! It’s going to be an adventuresome weekend, and the following two weekends should be some awesome icing on the cake to a phenomenal and simply incredible year. Now, I just need to stop biting my nails! >:[

Here’s to you, 2012!

What’s your greatest communication failure?

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  1. You got those pics right:
    1) Even riding the flat road to nowhere is an adventure
    2) She’s a beauty and you’re a beast
    3) If you can’t say something uplifting, keep your mouth taped shut. (Will help w/ nail biting, too)

    U duh best!


  2. The road to nowhere often leads us to the best of places! And yes, I would have to agree with #2. As far as nail biting, I feel like soldering my mouth shut may be the most appropriate solution.

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