It’s Going to Be One of Those Weekends, And It’s Going to Be Awesome!

Happy Freaking Friday!!

The joys of Friday and the anticipation of the weekend are probably one of the greatest feelings in life, although I’ve long since learned to stop Working for the Weekend!

Again, building on the experiences of the year, it’s been one crazy ride. I literally cannot begin to fathom where August disappeared to! It seems like just the other day that I was tearing up Lake Stevens with my favorite nursing friend and now here I am freezing away as the year comes to an end.

Life has a funny way of forcing you to learn things, and 2011 was no different. Flexibility, goal setting, additional responsibilities, grad school, reflection, and commitment to my relationships were all areas that were improved, and many in an unplanned way.

December has been a wonderful month, and yes, news flash, it’s coming to an end. This holiday season has been different, but special nonetheless. I’m pretty excited to see my family two weekends in a row, and stoked for a very dear friend’s wedding. Looking back on the year, it has taken a very unexpected path, and that’s pretty freaking sweet! How much more exciting will it be in 2012?

Perhaps my greatest regret for the year is looking forward to things more than I enjoyed the “present” as it occurred. As a futurist, I thrive and excel when I dwell on the future, and that’s just how I’m wired, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy each day as it goes by. All too often, I’ll be looking forward to things that are going on after work or during the weekend instead of enjoying each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as it goes rolling by…

Anyways, since smileys are my thing, and I also have a minor obsession with Iron Man, I figured this little guy was more than appropriate…

Here’s to a great weekend! Make the most of it :-)

How are you going to make the most of your last two weeks of the year?

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