A Convergence of Many Roads Less Traveled


The last day of the semester is quickly on its way out, and campus is about to get very, very unexciting.

It’s a good time of the year because the panic and rush of the fall will have passed, it’s a time to catch up on projects, and the stress level isn’t nearly as high!

This past weekend was my first experience not only being in a wedding, but going to a wedding of a very dear friend from high school, someone whom I’ve known for ten years. It was a very joyous and wonderful occasion but left me plenty of food for thought. With all of my friends paving their own paths and going off in their own directions, it’s not always easy to find the time or place where we meet in the middle. However, the wedding provided that opportunity and friends from Reno, Vegas, and further abroad converged to help our friend celebrate.

2011 has been a year of me taking the road less traveled, or in some cases never traveled, while carving and shaping my own path through a wide variety of ridiculous experiences. It was good to know that my other friends are doing the same. One is finishing school in Virginia, another is knocking out law school in Vegas, and yet another is rocking out at a sweet job for a news station. It’s always reassuring to see that your friends are making their own way in the world, but it was also slightly saddening that things will never be like they were in high school.

Our regular gathering of Taboo shenanigans just wasn’t quite the same, although it was still a great time had by all. I suppose we all had to grow up sometime, but why did it have to be this year?!?!

We are all on the brink of some very major and key decisions in our lives, and it’s awesome that we’re all equipped to do so, or at least finding the tools and guidance to figure it out. It still doesn’t mean I have to be ok with the fact that we aren’t 18 anymore!

There has been much joy and encouragement this year, as well tough spots, and some very intense mountains to climb. Looking back, it’s been one hell of an adventure, and I have no complaints. The year has far exceeded my expectations, meaning that next year better be awesome too :-) Life is full of surprises, and they tend to happen when you least expect them. Clearly, the logical answer to that is how would a surprise be a surprise if you expect it… regardless, it’s how it works.

Here’s to more adventures, more great bonding times with friends and family, and another memorable year!

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  1. As we all grow up and spend more time apart from one another, walking separate paths, accumulating different experiences, and meeting new people, it’s easy to gradually forget about old friends. Aside from being happy for Fichter and his marriage, I’m happy for the chance his wedding gave for (most of) the old group to all meet again. It’s important to preserve old friendships regardless of where life wants to take each of us.

    As for things never being the same as they were in high school, I’d gladly choose Halo over Taboo any day lol, the ball’s totally in your court on that one. XD

  2. Haha, great thoughts Wong. I think I’d definitely choose Halo too… although our girlfriends may judge us for much we like playing that :-) It makes me so happy that each of us are paving our own road, and making our life our own.

    We have plenty of history to build on well into our futures!

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