3 Steps to Avoiding Craziness at the End of the Year

Good Morning from Reno!

Hopefully, your Christmases all passed without incident! For me, this was one of the quietest and most uneventful one yet, and I’m certainly not complaining. I didn’t get to see nearly as many friends as I wanted to, but the time spent with the parents and grandma was sorely needed and very enjoyable.

As with many “big events” in life, Christmas and New Years have this ridiculous and stressful build-up with anticipation and eagerness, and then you reach the top of the mountain and go tumbling down, crashing into every rock, tree, plant, mountain lion, yeti, dragon, Overlord of Darkness, and cactus along the way. (Yes, that would be quite the mountain wouldn’t it…)

The post event depression experience accompanies any major event in our lives, especially towards the end of every year when the three car pile up of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years all collide into a tangled mass of emotional stress, sugar highs from too many desserts, and lack of sleep from overbooked calendars brimming with events.

So, how do you beat the rush?

  1. Appreciate the value of a lean and clean calendar – Looking back on the last 11 months of 2011, my calendar is so packed full of events that it is almost sickening. As a futuristic planner of epic proportions, I always need to know what’s next, but what I don’t always appreciate is the value of a *gasp* blank calendar. Short of a few pre-booked weekends in January, my 2012 calendar is empty, meaning there are plenty of adventures to be had, but there is nothing to stress about either.
  2. Implement something new – Continuing with the theme of constant learning, the end of the year is a perfect time to read up on books and identify improvements you would like to make to your life. Maybe you need to work on communication, or perhaps people just feel like you don’t understand them at all. Read books, articles, and other things to give you ideas and then take the time to make them a part of your life. It’s the perfect time to come up with new goals and make them a habit as we move into the new year!
  3. Go out with a bang! – There’s no better way to wrap up a year than to take time off work, go for an awesome hike, reconnect with friends you may have lost in the end of the year shuffle,  curl up with hot chocolate and your favorite musical, or just take each day for what its worth. The best part of all, is we get 366 days next year to make the most of. Yes, 2012 is a Leap Year. :P

How do you best deal with end of the year stress?

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