Well Hello 2012!

Greetings to all!

On the eve of the eve to 2012, it’s a time for additional reflection, copious amounts of champagne and food, board games, and good times.

New Years is always an interesting time of year. It’s a chance to scrap your old calendar and look forward to the next. It’s a time to plan fun vacations (or triathlons if you’re into that), look forward to trips with friends and family (San Jose Sharks next season!), and create a list of serious and silly goals to get you through the year. Typically, we have snow in Reno although this year is looking rather bleak… so much for our annual New Year’s snowboarding trip :(

Between skydiving and Reno Pops concerts, marathons and grad school, crushing UNLV and 70 mile races, it’s been a crazy ride. I find it hard to believe that next year could be half as exciting, so I thought I would put that in writing so that when the end of 2012 approaches I can look back and say “boy, was I wrong!”

It’s kind of a shock how long ago Y2K seems. I still remember making pizza fondu (a family tradition) and hanging out playing board games. But that was twelve years ago… yikes!

New Years Resolutions:

  1. Quit biting my nails – This is my 3rd go round. It needs to happen this year!
  2. Embrace the unknown – The unknown is one of those things that just makes me ill. I’m slowly embracing the fact that my plans can only take me so far…
  3. Be more flexible – Flexibility is my Achilles heel… time to practice.
  4. Finish two half Ironmans – Gotta prep for the big show in 2013. Should be a great race season!

New Years resolutions always seem like silly goals to make. How many people do you know that say they’re going to “get back in shape” or “look into going back to school.” Really, the New Year is a perfect time to make little changes in your life to help you achieve the bigger goals. Making big changes may be required too, but it is far more rewarding to make little changes that have a big impact!

In closing, remember that you must do something 21 times in a row before it becomes a habit!

Don’t let your New Years goals get away in 2012 :-)

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