The Power of R&R

Monday Madness has set in as we continue to plow our way through 2012…

Everything tends to be heading back into our normal routines as people head back to work, school (minus the University) is back in session, and adjustments begin to be made to prepare for the newest set of 366 days. It was actually a fantastic time to use some needed annual leave and get the rest and relaxation I was desperate for as I prepare to continue my trek through the upcoming semester and triathlon race season.

There’s something fantastic about using days to just simply “exist.” I dug into some old books that I hadn’t touched in ages, slept in a little bit (yay 8:30!), caught up on some cycling, since I hadn’t touched my bike since September, and just enjoyed being alive. That, of course, is in addition to taking downtown Reno by storm with my friends! Suit up!

I am really looking forward to enjoying my last week of a normal, relatively unfilled schedule. Reno Pops starts practicing next week, and school begins the week after, although I do have MLK day to look forward to. Soon to follow is 10-12+ hour training weeks for triathlon and so will begin the uphill grind through May when my 3rd MBA semester comes to a close…

Even though there is nothing exciting about sitting around on your day off doing laundry, cleaning your place up, reading books, playing video games, etc. it is still very refreshing and provides your mind and body the break that it needs. You can’t really pull off several days a week of being on the go for 14 hours without a day or two to be able to just exist and be content. Granted, your mind will wander during those times, but it also provides a great opportunity to process everything that is going on, create a plan for the coming weeks and months, and re-evaluate your priorities.

Battery charge levelsI was recently having a discussion with someone regarding how we recharge and our ability to say no to people, events, or other things that we just don’t have time, energy, or the capacity for. You’ve got 168 hours in a week, that’s it!

As an introvert, I recharge during my alone time, books, video games, movies, etc. and don’t stress about having to tell people “no, I’m not available.” Of course, this is much easier when my training schedule demands 5:15 AM wake ups, copious amount of sleep and food consumption, and an overall rested state of mind and body.

On the flip side, this person recharges (to some degree) by being around people and keeping busy doing things out and about. Not to say that they don’t also need alone time, but it’s a different approach to how I recharge. I did, however, find it interesting how the extroverted person has a harder time saying “no” than an introvert. I guess that makes sense though. More blogs on that later…

In conclusion, make sure you know how you recharge and take the time to make that an active and important part of your life! Sleep is just as important, if not more so, than sleep! Make it a priority!

What new ways are you going to utilize rest and relaxation in 2012?

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