A Graphical History of 100 Interesting Blogs

Who’s freaking excited for Friday!? THIS GUY!

Well 2012 is clearly off to a roaring start. Only two weeks in and I’ve already reached a major milestone. I first started blogging February 14, 2011 for my social media class as part of my MBA.

After May, I had no intention to continue; however, by the end I was clearly addicted and had gotten some very positive feedback from friends, family, and people I had never even met!

Blogging provides me a great space to vent, think out-loud, share ideas and articles, and just be an author of my own thoughts to whoever feels like reading. If I get just two people a day to read my blog then I am content… 81 is just that much more exciting (current record) and I look forward to the day when I get 100 solid hits on any posting day.

Looking back on the past year, my topics ranged from the Aaron-clan Adventures to Zebras, and everything in between. An overwhelming majority of my posts were on triathlon and Ironman epicness (both the movie and the racing), and the rest fit somewhere in the middle. I shared struggles with communication, gearing up to be a man at 25 (just to be clear, I am a man not a boy), my love for the greatest sci-fi movies ever made (if I have to explicitly tell you what that is then you fail as a human), various undertakings such as skydiving and racing my ass off, and a few personal takes on technology that already has or will soon impact our lives.

When I started out, I wasn’t sure who my exact audience was, and I still don’t know the answer to that… I do know, however, that I love writing and I love writing about my experiences. Some of my blogs felt inspired, others felt forced, and some were rants or raves about customer service. For all of you at the Yahtzee party who were worried about my previous post, I’m fine. Thanks for your concern though!

Without further ado, a graphical summary of my favorite blogs from the past 100. Each has a quick caption and the picture will take you straight to the blog for further [awesome] reading. The blogs between Princess Leia and Darth Maul have a special place in my heart, possibly because they involve Star Wars. Enjoy! :-)

It’s always great to feel remarkable, but what happens when you don’t?

 How do you stand out from the crowd and go above and beyond?

Seriously, why are people incapable of following directions?

So you think you may be stressed. How do you know?

Triathlon and business success have more in common than you think! What are you waiting for?

Our society suffers from information overload. What can you do about it?

Is there really an app for that?!

Life’s a marathon. Enjoy the (26.2 mile) ride!

Terrible customer can ruin a company’s reputation…instantly!

Is our technology taking over our lives?! Check out the most commented blog to date and be sure to take the “tech obsession” quiz!

What kind of champions do you have in your lineup?

The good, the bad, and the ugly of mobile devices.

Know your assets and know how to leverage your strengths to improve your weaknesses!

Milestone reached: 50 blogs posted. Get some!

OMG Why did I ever go skydiving!? Oh wait, because it’s awesome!

Star Wars is the greatest movie series of all time. Need to know more? Look at that picture :-)

Not everyone can finish a half Ironman… but I found a way to smoke that 70.3 mile adventure.

Real Steel was about finding yourself. What motivates you to stick up for what you believe in?

Reflection is an oft overlooked tool. How do you use it to for self-improvement?

Risk taking is the key to experiencing all of life. Calculated risk taking that is…

You only turn 25 once (Duh!) Make the most of it!

The Tough Mudder is not for pansy’s. Man up and strap on your orange headband!

Even Iron Man needs a break… how do you blow off steam in the “off season” that life throws at us?

The pursuit of manhood is something that our society has utterly lost and made more confusing. What does that epic quest really entail?

It’s not easy being awesome. How can you keep improving? Clearly, become a Sith Lord…

What’s it like giving a presentation at a professional convention? Well…

The path less traveled often leads to unexpected places. Where does yours take you?

Blanket statements are the root of all evil. Well, maybe not. But they sure do suck and ruin everything!

Communication is a two way street… not always an easy lesson to learn.

When life gets you down… go to Nutcracker, hit up Santa Crawl, and lose your phone! Yea!

It’s been fun creating and publishing all this content, and I look forward to what the next year brings! Thanks for reading. All your comments are definitely appreciated :-) The next 100 posts should be just as fun and exciting, and I’m looking forward to seeing where my adventures land me in the coming year!

P.S. Casey, I promise you’ll get a blog all about you somewhere within the next 100… lol.

Did you have a favorite blog of the year!?


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