90 Days Till Showtime

Happy Hump Day…

The weather in Reno has been indeterminate as of late, and Saturday I was running around in a t-shirt while Monday I had to layer up because it was 33 degrees during my morning run. Frustrating to say the least… however, the quirky weather has meant that triathlon training has begun almost a month early! Always exciting, especially since there’s another great season in store.

Being in grad school while juggling the city orchestra, a packed training, eating, and sleeping schedule, and a somewhat ridiculous social calendar is definitely not easy, although this will be my third semester doing just that. I should be a veteran by now! My priorities are focused on my training and racing, with Pops being a nice stress reliever, and grad school falling in conveniently when I have time for it. Not that it isn’t important or something I value, but it provides me value in a different way than my training does…

I seem to succeed in life with the “Just in Time” method (JIT). Those of you familiar with retail know that JIT is the process for making sure that a product is on a shelf exactly when a customer goes to buy it. Wal-Mart is a great example of this, and there are countless books about it. They always seem to have light blue Orbit gum when I need it :D

I get my papers done just in time. My meals come just in time before I pass out or die from my stomach digesting myself. I get my practicing done just in time for the concert. And my ridiculous training schedule gets me ready just in time for the big races. That lifestyle doesn’t always work out well (late nights finishing papers that should’ve been done weeks ago?!) but it goes well with my personality and ability to thrive under stress.

As a “routine loving” person, I enjoy the re-establishment of a pattern in my life. The summer and winter breaks always seem to throw a wrench in my plans, and I am looking forward to the schedule that commitment to classes brings back to my life. What I’m not happy about, however, is that beginning each week for the semester I am already booked for 140 hours… that’s kind of depressing and only leaves me with 28 hours of “free time.” Great…

The first race of the season is less than 90 days away and I do enjoy re-establishing my training pattern, several two-a-day workouts, and the copious amount of food consumed :D Everything I do is for a purpose (or so I hope), and I am looking forward to re-evaluating my purpose this semester and race season, and continuing to press on towards the mountain of goals awaiting before me.

What is your purpose for the coming months?

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