Star Wars: Reborn – How to Change with the Times

And a happy Monday to you all!

And so it begins… week two of the spring semester! I hope your weekend was as relaxing as mine. I still can’t ever seem to catch up on sleep. I guess that could be a nice resolution for February…

As hard as I try to establish a regular pattern in my life, it just doesn’t seem to happen outside of my exercise regime. Life is continually surprising me, and each weekend seems to bring it’s own ups and downs, with the ups being higher and the downs being more frustrating but not quite as lengthy in time. Fortunately, they always bring a positive outcome.

I have now seen my 3rd or 4th 3D movie, and it pains me to think that this is where the future is heading, but I must admit, I am SUPER excited to see Star Wars Episode 1 in 3D in a week and a half! Darth Maul and podracing hold their own just fine, but in 3D, well, that will just be something awesome to see!

The evolution of Star Wars is not that dissimilar from how our lives constantly change too. We can’t ever let things just sit, and fixing things that aren’t broken seems far too common.

However, that’s not to say that things that need to be fixed shouldn’t be. Adding new scenes to the classic Star Wars movie was a blunder for the ages. Making them in 3D might actually be pretty cool…

Probably one of my least favorite things is when I take people for granted. That’s definitely not fair to them, and their unique experiences and views on life don’t hold the value or get the attention that they deserve from me. Fortunately, I tend to at least learn my lesson, although it usually comes after the fact. Better late than never I guess!

Despite craving learning and pursuing it with the utmost passion, I am still constantly surprised at how much I learn from each week that passes, especially now that school is starting. Just when I think there is nothing more that can possibly be discovered, I get cracked in the head with a baseball from the Aces’ right field.

Once again, the theme of 2012 is looking like it will be “change,” although this time it will be a change and flexibility that is different from 2011’s requirements. This year will require the flexibility of being patient in anticipating the changes to come. I’m not great at waiting! I’m just not… I like plans, and calendars, and lists of things to do, and whiteboards full of expectations and concrete thoughts, not just fluffy ideas or “what ifs” or possibilities that seem to be evading my grasp.  The futurist in me screams anytime there’s a hurdle that says “maybe” or “just wait it out” although I am beginning to see the value of sticking it out because the results always far exceed my expectations.

Several times this past weekend I was pleasantly surprised to find that through a few sticky situations I was able to regroup, process (in the pool of course), and actually identify a few areas of change that were greatly needed on my part, provided through very humbling interactions. P.S. I’m not the most humble person either… shocker! It’s always refreshing to learn and incorporate new things into your interactions with people, even if it means that you messed up a few times before. Nothing like livin’ and learnin’!

I’m slowly seeing that changes aren’t all that bad, especially when they’re desperately needed. I can’t say that Star Wars in 3D will revolutionize my world, but I do know that my relationships with people will be a little better after the weekend. That’s my goal anyways…

How do you handle changes you don’t immediately understand the value of?


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