Your Daily Dose of Inspiration and Motivation

Happy Friday!

Nothing inspires the soul more than a beautiful sunshiney Friday with an enjoyable weekend of shenanigans ahead!

Reno citizens are officially baffled by the strange weather that is going on. Not only is there no snow but it feels like we may be due for an early spring. That may not be such a bad thing considering that winter lasted through May, and then the first week of June it was 80 degrees already…

Inspiration and motivation are like vitamins: we all need our daily doses! Some of us more than others… myself included.

The spring semester of 2012 will prove to be quite a lofty goal indeed. Already it’s beginning to look like an insurmountable journey, which is unusual for me to say. I laugh in the face of 70 mile races, scorn people who say things can’t be done, rejoice when a swim workout is 4000 yards, and dare anyone to prove me wrong.

Two full weeks into the semester, I am beginning to doubt my capabilities as a human and am being forced to acknowledge my limitations as a mortal. I’ve been forced to choose paths already that I wasn’t planning on, and sometimes feel like I’m struggling to keep my head afloat. Note: drowning is still one of my greatest fears despite loving the water.

It’s tough, quite frequently, to keep the motivation and the inspiration at high enough levels to keep on trekking, especially when you want to just bail on everything and call it quits. I’ve never been a quitter. Ever. And I always stick things out to the brutal end (for better or for worse).

Sleep is certainly a primary contributor to feeling inspired and motivated, and that has been drastically depleted very quickly. It doesn’t do me a lot of good to eat like a cow and then sleep like a bat… power naps at lunch only get you so far, and not very far at that! Interestingly, I was looking through some old pictures and found precisely the information I needed for this blog.

Please see below exhibits 1 and 2. Not only are these pictures from my two favorite activities, food and triathlon, but they clearly depict inspiration and motivation. Note: Please notice the angle of the head in both photos and the look of determination, exuberance, and ecstasy as I dive into a plate of pre-Iron Man amazing goodness and hop on my bike for a crushing split at Pyramid Lake.

Not only did these pictures crack me up (I still can’t believe it’s the same head position and angle of attack), but they made me realize where I find my inspiration and motivation. Food can be a powerful ally, and triathlon is integrated deep into my personality! It also ties back into my previous post on the reasons for “why” we do something. I spend a lot of time and energy justifying the “whats” and the “hows” and reasons for doing things, when really the only important thing is why!

I race and train and invest in gear and eat and sleep because I LOVE competition! Competition drives me forward, gives me insight into the future, and helps me stay focused, maximize my goals and dreams, and brings seemingly unreachable achievements within my grasp. I get a sense of accomplishment from crushing my goals and by utilizing my energy and time to figure out the best way to accomplish them. Those are my “whys” and no one can take that from me!

What purpose in life drives you forward even when you’ve run out of gas?

Picture credit 1. Picture credit 2.


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