Rest is For the Weak… Can I Get More Please?!

Morning Nevada!

Things are going surprisingly smooth for a typical spring semester. School seems to be moving along at a manageable clip, Spring Break is within spitting distance, but just evasive enough to provide the excitement for a legitimate vacation, and my calendar is practically bursting at the seams, begging me to spend days just to myself. Unlikely! :P

Procrastination still hasn’t gone away. In fact, I’m pretty sure the only way to successfully get through grad school is to procrastinate as much as humanly possible while still producing quality work. O:-) Storming into an already crazy semester really got me thinking about the things I value, the things I enjoy, and the things I can live without, and how the balance of those things should look.

It always seemed to me that I could just do whatever I wanted with my time, have no consequences (good or bad) to deal with, and would just keep on trucking, blasting through life’s hurdles with ease, constantly melting my candles down from both ends, and just getting the most bang for the buck out of life.

That all sounds good, but things change, certain commitments become more important, and priorities are constantly shifting in our lives. The joys of shifting from one phase in life to another I suppose…

Despite usually being good at prioritizing efficiently, it’s amusing to me how everything since the start of my MBA has rearranged itself. Unfortunately, sleep seems to be the thing constantly getting minimized, discredited, and left in the dust, and it’s taking a very real toll in my life.

Speaking of unexpected changes, my experience at roller coaster parks have been very different over the years, especially when I went at 18 and then five years later at 23. Not that I was old at 23, but holy crap my body was aching and my my brains sure felt scrambled after only four hours at the park! Previously, we had no issue pulling a ten hour day while still having energy for the beach.

Here’s four reasons why leaving sleep behind is a bad idea:

  1. Fuel for the fire – Sleep, along with food, is what gets us through the day! You wouldn’t drive to San Francisco with only a gallon left in your tank. So too, you shouldn’t try to get through the day on minimal amounts of sleep. Honestly, anything less than eight hours makes me sad!
  2. Time for the subconscious to go to work – If chicken soup helps to cure the common cold, sleep helps to clear the congestion in your mind. It’s the perfect time to let your body “digest” all the thoughts, feelings, experiences, and conversations you had during the day. It’s not just a time to let your body rest but to help your brain rest as well.
  3. Recovery – We all lead disgustingly busy lives, and I can almost guarantee that there isn’t someone out there who wouldn’t pay dearly for extra hours in their day. As usual, we only have 168 hours with which to utilize during the week. Take the time to rest and relax. Also, for the athletic ones out there, you have to let your muscles recover, and the best, cheapest, and most effective way is through adequate sleep!
  4. You just feel better – Anytime I sleep past 5:30 AM during the week, I count it as a great joy. Anytime I sleep past 8:30 on a Sunday I’m ecstatic! Nothing beats the feeling of leaping out of bed getting ready to tackle your day. Shouldn’t we make the effort to have that feeling more often?!

For the next 12 weeks, I’m simply going to have to make sleep a priority and everything else I would like to do less of one. My sleep keeps me powered, excited for life, and energetic, and that’s something I don’t really want to lose. What a disservice it would be to miss out on the great things in life just because I didn’t man up and say I should really be sleeping instead of hanging out till all hours of the night.

Do you have trouble making sleep a priority enough you know all the positive benefits it has?

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