The Valentine’s Day Post That Has Nothing to Do With Valentines

For all you readers out there, this post has NOTHING to do with Valentine’s Day! What a relief, right!? Not that it isn’t a cool day, especially when you’ve got someone to share it with (apparently the Fuzzies don’t count).

Exactly a year ago, I began a rather crazy assignment in my first MBA class. We had to blog… what the eff?! Seriously? Why would a graduate student in business ever need to blog? Ironically enough, not only did I absolutely love sending my blogs off into the nether regions of cyberspace, but I wrenched it to the ground and turned it into something I not only love doing, but have created it as a part of my regular routine.

I love how it has become a tool for processing, a way for me to express my thoughts to the world. Perhaps my most enjoyable time is sitting at home in the evenings and writing my blogs. When I need to be, I can be one of few words, and blogging helps me to share things that I normally just wouldn’t run my mouth about because I had already used up my 500 words for the day. It’s also been very rewarding tying in my triathlon experience with what I learn in my MBA program with the all of the cool things that happen in my workplace! Who would’ve thought?!

It’s always great when people discover a new hobby, find a new way to process information, practice a new talent, or begin to see how the pieces of their life’s puzzle begins to fit together. It’s been so fun documenting all of my experiences from February 14th, 2011 to today, and I love being able to look back on them and think “wow, I’ve come a long way” and I’ve got a long ways to go!

It still amazes me when the paths we take in life all make sense after the fact. It’s hard to believe some of the things I’ve experienced (skydiving, half Ironman, road trips, awesome girlfriend) in just a short 365 days. It’s impossible to imagine the next bunch…

It’s almost unfair that a tool as powerful as blogging is made available to anyone in the world for next to nothing. I love pushing out new content about what is going on in the world, triathlon experiences, cool technology that I’ve been playing with, or my thoughts on coping with stress. What an amazing outlet it has been for me and a great way to share all the ideas running around in my head! My favorite is when I get angry text messages from my friends asking me why the heck I haven’t posted something recently. That’s a lot of pressure to deal with!

Perhaps my favorite thing about my blog is the inspiration that drives all of my content. I can use almost any example, story, article, conversation, epiphany, or just random thought of the day to create an insightful (hopefully) blog that is useful to at least someone.

My purpose was not always clear to me, and many of my blogs were random word vomit sessions that even I am not sure of the purpose of… however, the purpose to simply share my insights on the important things that happen in my life is pretty cool! I don’t care if anyone else cares, I just write for me. And writing for me has brought many benefits and rewards that I hadn’t initially expected, and I’ve learned to develop my skill as a writer along the way.

For those of you looking for a way of expression and self-discovery, an outlet for sharing things with whoever will read them, or just a public journal of your thoughts, blogging is the way to go. I’ve connected with triathletes from all over the world, business and social media experts from the east coast (including an event to sit on a social media panel), and whole range of other people that I didn’t even know my content would appeal to.

The greatest lesson learned is that you won’t know how you feel about something until you try. And you should never quit trying something until you’re 100% positive you don’t like it. Initially, I had my doubts. And now… I’m obsessed :-) It’s just too much fun being the triathlete who’s obsessed with Star Wars and happens to do super fun things with technology at work!

What is your favorite means of self-expression?

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