The Calm Before the (Perfect) Storm

Well, once again Friday is upon us!

Spring semester in Reno is always a haven of chaotic shenanigans, stressful weeks, lack of sleep, caffeine infused drinks that make your blood boil, and of course the cacophony of students milling around campus pretending to do homework in the library (while they’re actually Facebooking their peeps).

Last March was bloody ridiculous. First semester of the MBA, squeaking past the GMAT, marathon preparations, and just silly amounts of unwanted pressure. This March is turning out to be much different, in a more stressful, terrible kind of way :-)

My colleagues and I have our first presentation at a national convention right around the corner, and that is just slightly terrifying! There’s expected to be 4000 people in attendance, that’s a lot of academic brain power collected in a single convention center. Regardless, it will be exciting just to share our day to day experiences at the University of Nevada and how we are directly impacting student learning here!

Spring Break is also a very welcome time for March, and tends to help offset the brutal, brain-cell slaying grind of the semester. Each year, those five days of peace, freedom, and solitude bring a renewed vigor and desire to learn. Or, you just spend those forty hours “only” working… sigh. Fortunately, this year I have plans to clear out! Yahoo!

What do you mean midterms are next week!? Can I have extra credit??

My MBA program continues to surprise me as do the turn of events in my life these past months. I’m slowly giving up on plan making because it never seems to turn out quite as expected (definitely not a bad thing). The only option that is left is to keep on trucking, climb the mountain, and press on to the end. The end being spring break of course :-)

March will just evaporate into thin air, and April never counts as a month because it’s either dumping snow or flip flop weather, and then by the time May arrives the “summer mindset” has taken hold and it’s just time to be done. Hallelujah!

Do you have annual storm that continues to bombard you from year to year?

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