Patience is the Best Remedy for Every Trouble

Happy Hump Day,

As seems to be the theme of the semester, I find tons and tons of inspiration for my blogs through my coursework. Supply chain management is steadily becoming my favorite class of the program so far, not because I just love logistics (which I do), but because our class is very nontraditional.

We don’t have a crappy $150 textbook and our teacher doesn’t lecture at us for three hours. We have engaging conversations supplemented by articles, videos, sharing experiences, debates, and a whole slew of other info sharing. That’s exactly what I expect from a graduate level course.

Of the many pieces of wisdom, advice, and/or knowledge that I received this week, my favorite was this:

Patience is the best remedy for every trouble

I am not a patient person. I’m someone who wants to do things now. I want solutions now. I want to make decisions now. I don’t want to wait for things to take their course. Ironically, I’m all about delayed gratification (fortunately, my mother beat that into my head) but I still deal in the now of decision making. I’m a problem solver and want to fix things now.

There is a great deal going on in my life at the moment that just requires me to be patient. Not really my finest attribute, and that is frustrating as HELL! Gah! Even with my well-placed trust in the integrity of my destination (wherever that may be), I still have trouble letting things take their course. Anytime I’ve had to wait on anything, it turned out exponentially better than I had ever planned. Time to apply that lesson and just “let it happen.”

The amazing thing about that quote is it applies to every trouble. Every trouble. It can help you wipe them out; all of them. (Star Wars reference. Name the movie!) I would much rather prefer to be the handyman fixing all my troubles at once, but what would be the fun of that…

As totally awesome as 2011 was, 2012 already has plenty of potential to catch and even surpass all those crazy adventures. It will be interesting to see where my patience gets me from here on out!

What do you have trouble being patient with?

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