Aces, Races, and Amazing Places

Baseball season is a go and the weekend is almost upon us! Only a few weeks left in the semester and then the glory of summer will be upon us … along with summer classes >:[

April, in all its chaos, is a really fun time of year! It’s not a blast like the summer or refreshing like the fall, but it’s a change in the seasons that is sorely needed by this point, and it brings with it a lot of fun things. Warmer weather (if you’re lucky) begins to seep into the regularly scheduled programming, and the crowds begin spilling out of their homes to enjoy the great outdoors (or their favorite bar).

Fresh off of a wonderful international trip, it’s nice to be able to get back into a somewhat normal routine, especially with the anticipation of summer, but I’m very thankful to have experienced it all and bring those experiences back with me (since I had no extra room in my suitcase).

It almost seems like a dream that a few weeks ago I was sipping tropical drinks and working the tan, and yet last night I was bundled up under countless piles of blankets and flannel trying to keep my circulation going!

I would be hard pressed to not be content with my life at the moment. It’s pretty easy getting through the stressful times when I have a great group of friends, a supportive and loving family, and a girlfriend that I’m nuts about. Often, I take too many things for granted and don’t really appreciate what I have, and it’s the times of great change and stress that really bring you back down to earth. This year has already utterly surpassed my expectations and we’re barely 1/3rd of the way through!

There’s lots going on in the coming months (namely triathlons and other miscellaneous races) and I look forward to those with great enthusiasm and vigor, but it’s the appreciation of the past months that I try to dwell on. Last year was a blur and a major milestone in my life, and I want this year to be even better. If it’s not too late for another New Years resolution, I’m still trying to enjoy the present instead of focusing on the future quite as much… good luck with that, right?!

In a recent conversation with someone, they pointed out very clearly to me that I always resort to solving one crisis only to go looking for ten more that need to be fixed. Yeah, so maybe I’m not the most patient person. So what?! :P Yes, that’s my personality and one of my greatest strengths, but I understood their point. There’s a time for planning and fixing things, and there’s a time for enjoying crisis resolution without loading up the “worry train” much more. Guess it’s another thing to add to the “fix soon” list.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend, and have a wonderful Easter! Surprisingly, it has nothing to do with Easter bunnies or chocolate candies…

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