It’s Friday – Here’s Your 3 Thoughts From Technology

Once again, Happy Friday!

April is disappearing quicker than the food at an on-campus BBQ,  but the weather is beautiful, the Arizona Diamondbacks (Aces parent team) are doing great, and school is SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE!

For those of you who haven’t heard, Google is in a raging legal battle with Oracle over some software called Java. It seems that in earnest to take over the world, Google has over extended itself and possibly stuck its fingers in too many pies!

Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Wal-Mart… the list of world domination companies continues to grow, and my frustration as a customer increases at an exponential rate. How can I pick a tablet if the industry can’t even decide who has the best one? Why are my operating system choices continually black and white? Does anyone offer superiority anymore or is it just customer taste and a burning desire for more profit?

The competition just seems bloody ridiculous. Facebook is not worth a cool billion… I’m sorry Zuckerberg, but all your software provides is a ridiculously comprehensive advertising and marketing database. It does nothing for our country’s export economy. There is nothing tangible about the benefits from Facebook other than promoting our capitalistic societal desire to spend. And look where that’s gotten us… thanks Bear Sterns and Fannie May and AIG…

Moving right along, I stumbled upon this hilarious comic and couldn’t help but throw it into a blog. We all know about the seven deadly sins… but did you know they exist in the technology world too?

My absolute favorites are wrath, sloth, and gluttony. In my daily life, there are far too many times when I wish I could open a big can of wrath on some selfish person’s head! And how many times do we wish we could just hit escape and leap out of the reach of trouble and stress?! Gluttony, if you’ll pardon the term, takes the cake. Not only do I have a love of food but caps lock just seems to make everything better when you’re GOING ON A KEYBOARD YELLING RAMPAGE!! Ahh… got that out of my system.

The third and final tech blurb for today is from one of my favorite comics, Dilbert. Dilbert is amazing in my family because between my engineer father and the IT professional son, my mother and sister find plenty of things in those comics to poke fun of us about. Pocket protectors, not doing anything on Fridays, the list goes on and on. However, this particular seemed to hold a special place in my mother’s heart… thanks mom….. :[ Haha! You may need to click it to view the text.

What drives you nuts about the tech industry? Is there an end in sight?

Picture credit 1.



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