It’s the End of the World as We Know It

Happy Hump Day,

Time is ticking. The calendar pages are flying. It’s the end of the world as we know it… do you feel fine?

Being involved in the academic cycle certainly brings a different perspective than the rigorous grind of privatized industry. The cycles ebb and flow, each new year brings certain expectations (orientation, finals, etc.), and it has seasons very different from the “normal” business world.

You would think that for someone who hates change as much as I do that an environment like this would not be conducive to my mental health. Actually, just the opposite has occurred. I love knowing that each month brings different expectations and that the semesterly cycle will continue, just like the sun continues to rise and set each day (for the moment).

Things are changing. Not in a bad way… but in a way that is very different. Close friends are getting ready to graduate, and who knows if they’ll still be around. Other friends are getting married off and permanently changing their lives. And still others are moving away for grad school. Great…

2011 was about some serious changes in my life. 2012 will be about changes in other’s lives. 2013… well, 2013 is just going to be ridiculous. It’s time for an attitude adjustment because things are just going to be different.

Here’s to the end of the semester, and summer school, and marathons and half Ironmans, and road trips and camping, and Aces, and the 4th annual Beat the British Bash on the Beach! Summer is here.

It’s game time!

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