Fill Your Need to Succeed (And Eat Chocolate Too)

Good Morning from Reno,

My semester will officially be over in 358 hours and I am anxiously awaiting that glorious moment. I am sad that my supply chain class is coming to an end though.

Not only has this class been unexpectedly awesome but it has surpassed all of my other classes as the most beneficial, the most inspiring, and the one that stretched me the most. No, I didn’t have to bust my butt over homework or other assignments but I had to stretch my mental capacity and ability to think outside the box.

In typical awesome MBA fashion, we had the privilege of touring a local business, Xocai, which is the seller of healthy dark chocolate made from pure Ivory Coast cocoa mixed with acai berries from the Amazon. Needless to say, the product just sounds incredible! Never mind the fact that I’m a health buff and their product is absolutely packed with nutrients that are healthy!

The incredible part of this company is that they operate in 38 countries and are based here in Reno. What a promotion for Nevada :-) In talking with the owner of the company, Andrew Brooks, it was incredible to hear his stories of starting businesses, passing on a Harvard MBA to form Xocai, and his tales of success and bumps in the road. Perhaps his greatest take away was this …

Find a way to fill one of your needs, and then share it with the world.

I’ve always been impressed by the entrepreneurial spirit, although I don’t have the courage or desire to take the plunge. I have no problem working for someone else as long as I receive fulfillment, am rewarded (not necessarily financially) for being a loyal and active contributor, and continue to thrive as a person in that company. However, I do always wonder if I can come up with “that” great idea that sparks a huge revolution in some industry or has a very real impact in people’s lives. That would be pretty freaking awesome!

Another solid point made was that as people’s incomes shrink so do their pursuit of dreams. That made me really sad, especially considering how the personal achievement of my smaller dreams and goals has fulfilled me.

There’s no better feeling than climbing the first of many mountains only to look down and realize how far you’ve come.

It made me wonder how I may feel next June when I’ve (hopefully) completed my first Ironman. I’ve read all about depression disorders and the anticlimactic effects of accomplishing something that humongous. I hope that I’m the exception to the rule, or that I can find other huge things to set my sights on, because life is far too short to live in the “good old days.” How many football movies feature dads who’s glory days were sit in high school football and so they harp their sons to have a similar experience? No thanks!

I don’t know how I will impact the world in my lifetime but I hope it is in a great way, even if in a very specific way, similar to what Andrew Brooks is doing with Xocai. He took a passion of his and transformed it into a global industry that not only affects business but has a positive effect on the people out in the fields in the Amazon and Africa. That’s pretty cool!

Do you feel like your dreams have been squelched by the economic downturn?

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  1. Mankind is too creative to let an economic blip (downturn) derail it. On a personal level, though, sometimes one has to keep moving to eventually end up in the right “stream.”
    Hey, did you get chocolate samples from Xocai??

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